Demmerys is fast becoming the go to name for silk flowers in the UK. Becoming famous for its exceptional flowers and floral décor solutions that are well above what people image the company is growing fast. As with every company there are some fun facts that not everyone knows and we have 5 facts about Demmerys you never knew just for you

Fact 1 – The name

The name of the company “Demmerys” is Sharron’s maiden name. Demmerys started out as “Artificial Flowers” and traded well for a couple of years. On seeking professional business advice it was decided the company needed a brand name and something that could be marketed well. Demmerys seemed to fit the bill, it sounded good and there was no other and thus it was chosen. Today Demmerys is the name people are getting to know and I suppose it really shows just what is in a name.

Fact 2- A Giant Swing

Many people assume that Demmerys just make ordinary silk flower arrangements. What people are starting to realise is that with Demmerys there is no such thing as ordinary. Our flowers are considered investment pieces and floral works of art, but our flower arranging doesn’t stop there. Demmerys have some of the most creative flower makers on earth and when Reebok wanted something different for the BeFit Exhibition Dmmerys was approached to help. Reebok wanted a giant swing made out of red flowers. Of course Demmerys was up for the challenge and soon proved that nothing is impossible and produced an amazing giant red swing covered is stunning flowers. This really does prove that flowers from Demmerys are far from ordinary.

Fact 3 – It started as a hobby

Sharon always loves to talk about her flowers but above all she loves to inspire others. Her own story about Demmerys is sure to inspire anyone with a love of making flowers. Demmerys started out as a hobby that Sharon was passionate about. She had dreams of making it her business and today that dream has come true. Starting out on the kitchen table then moving to the lounge and soon the spare room, Demmerys has grown slowly thanks to passion and tenacity and shows what can happen if you dare to dream.

Fact 4 – New York

For a small company based in the heart of the Midlands  New York seems a million miles away. The Demmerys brand the quality of the flowers is beginning to travel and in recent weeks the owner of a very smart New York apartment has requested that Demmerys provide the floral décor. This is a dream job for a company like Demmerys and shows that the quality of its silk flowers and floral art is being recognised worldwide.

Fact 5 – more than the extra mile

Demmerys offers a full money back guarantee on all its flower arrangements but we go one step further. We produced an arrangement of flowers for a lady in Bristol and when the flowers arrived the flowers were just not right for her home. She wanted to swap them for of course we offered to do so in exchange. However, the flowers were needed urgently and because it was a weekend no courier could help. So, Demmerys, never wanting to disappoint made the exchange flowers and drover personally on a Sunday morning from Birmingham to Bristol and back in the rain. Our customers mean the world to us and customer service can never be underrated.

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Selection of handcrafted trees and plants​

Yacht Projects

Our artificial floral installations are more than just showstoppers in a home or business, some of them actually travel the seven seas installed in luxury superyachts worth millions of dollars.

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Artificial flowers for yachts

Selection of handcrafted trees and plants​

GKN, Minworth, Birmingham

Proving that floral designs and décor aren’t just restricted to certain industries, GKN Automotive approached us to create bespoke floral designs and greenery for their offices.

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Bespoke artificial flower arrangements

All over pink blossom and foliage ceiling​​

The Mount Hotel, Wolverhampton

Accenting a commercial space like this where customers can experience and enjoy our designs on a daily basis was something that really excited and motivated us from the very beginning.

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Artificial flower ceiling

Artificial Flower Wall And Floral Design​

The Indian Tavern, Merry Hill

The Indian Tavern approached us to install flower walls, mossed walls and cover ceilings in this beautiful new Indian restaurant The Waterfront near Merry Hill in the Black Country.

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Custom artificial floral creations

Restaurant Interior Flower Arrangements​

Venezia Italian Restaurant

Having already provided artificial floral arrangements for its sister restaurant in the city centre, I was thrilled when the owner got in touch to request my services once again.

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Floral arrangements for restaurants