At Demmerys we have the widest selection of silk flowers and it is, unsurprisingly difficult to choose the right ones. Because our flowers are very permanent customers also need to choose carefully as what they are buying will last a long time.

To help our customers choose the best floral décor from the Demmerys collection here is a simple guide, five things to remember when buying floral decoration.

  1. Colour

The first thing and nearly always the most important question to ask is “what is your favourite colour?” The colour is the most visible part of the flower and it is what attracts you most. Choosing the right colour makes every other aspect of choosing the ideal floral display that much easier. Choose a colour you love or if purchased as a gift a colour the person loves and you will not go wrong

  1. What flowers are liked or disliked?

Once the colour choice is settled the next thing is the actual flower. At Demmerys, we produce everything from Lilies to Roses as well as grasses and plants. People all have differing opinions about flowers, finding knowing what silk flower are liked or not makes a massive difference in what floral arrangement you purchase. Sometimes one does not know what a person likes or dislikes and safer options need to be considered one of the best must surely be silk peonies.

  1. Style

Once you have an idea of flower colour and type you can begin to start thinking about the flower arrangement itself. There is a variety of styles of silk flower arrangements from modern chic to contemporary, from bold to subtle.  Must the style be exotic and tropical or must it be more English country garden?  Do you want the flower arrangement be creative and daring or do you want a more natural look? At Demmerys, the creative team can produce exactly what you want from a floral design.

  1. Planter

The next part to consider is what the flower arrangement will be arranged in. With silk flower arrangements from Demmerys, there is such a variety or pots, vases and planters that one is spoiled for choice. From simple glass vases to small china mugs all the way through to large, elegant vases or even silver shells the choice there. The planter or vase adds some of the real magic to the final floral design and choosing the right planter or vase can be the thing that makes or breaks everything.

  1. Where it will go

The final things to consider when purchasing your floral arrangement from Demmerys  is where you will display the flowers. Is the display going to be used in your home, an office or perhaps a car showroom or hotel? Where the display will end up is a priority question to ask. The place determines the size of the floral arrangement; it can even influence the colour, style and vase. Where the display will be used will certainly determine the size of the display, you do not want a floral arrangement that blocks the view of the TV when the big match is showing… the flowers will soon be moved by the man of the house.

If you consider these five points when purchasing any silk flower arrangement from Demmerys you will not go wrong and your purchase will soon become an investment you will never regret.

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