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Realistic look & fresh touch flowers

Flower for Interior Design

Designing for interiors can present challenges. From changing trends to the ever varying tastes of your clients, striking the perfect balance between supply and demand and creating a look that feels timeless, yet relevant can be tricky. Throw in the technically short life span of fresh flowers and perfectly accenting a space becomes that little bit more difficult.
Brightening any space

Precision design in key ares

Often mistaken for fresh flowers, our faux floral designs are a sight to behold. This is due to both our unique eye for design and meticulous attention to detail; both traits working together to produce a growing catalogue of high-quality floral designs with a style to suit every budget. Whether you’re dressing up a home or decorating a commercial space, our floral art will introduce the je ne sais quoi that you’ve been looking for.
Simplicity in design, made to last

Limitless lifespan

Our growing catalogue of floral designs is expansive and eclectic, so we’re confident you’ll find something online that’s appropriate for your project in terms of shape, size and shade. But if you can’t find ‘the one’, rest assured that we can create it. Whether it’s something as simple as a pink fuchsia in a simple glass vase, or a more dramatic show piece in a silver urn with foliage, we can bring your dream design to fruition.

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