Flowers For Bars And Nightclubs

Add elegance to your bar or nightclub with demmerys floral designs

Looking at alternatives can mean huge cost savings

Bar & Nightclub Flowers

Whether you own a bar, grill, restaurant or classy pub the right choice of flowers can boost your business. Fresh flowers look great but I am approached more and more to supply my silk floral décor solutions because fresh flowers cost money to keep replacing and maintaining

Artificial Flowers in a Bar
Bespoke Flower Arrangement in an outside bar
A perfect fit for every bar or nightclub

Designed to be versatile

Flowers in the hospitality industry have to have a certain level of class, quality is the watch word and style is a must. Over the last few months, Demmerys have been asked to supply floral décor solutions for a wide range of places that all welcome guests for one reason or another.

Simplicity in design, made to last

Hassle Free Maintenance

For the owners and managers our flowers have the hassle free maintenance desired and they remain fresh and lively for long periods of time. Our flowers become part of the décor and in doing so extend the experience of dining, have a drink and have a night out with friends helping create living memories for years to come.

Bespoke Flower Arrangement in an outside bar

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