Add Elegance To Your Restaurant With Demmerys Floral Designs

Manager Giorgio “It was a pleasure to work with Sharon, her arrangements and ideas are truly outstanding and certainly add to the decor of Cielos”

Cielo Italian in Birmingham is an award winning restaurant and when Demmerys was asked to provide our floral decor we knew we had to deliver something special. The recently voted best Italian restaurant in the UK is not the best for just any reason and everything about the restaurant is first class, we had to match that.

In discussing the needs of Cielo Italian, it was clear the floral designs needed had to be special. The arrangements had be eye catching but not overpowering. The colours had to fit in with the décor and the theme of the restaurant, adding to it rather than detracting. Meeting the management team and discussing some ideas Demmerys set to work and a few examples were produced as proofs of concept. We wanted this to be just right and as always we went the extra mile.

Artificial Purple Orchids in a Silver Champagne Cooler
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Today, Cielo Italian is a perfect example of how a commercial enterprise can effectively use Demmerys Floral Décor solutions. The flowers are of such quality that they match the perception of the restaurant. Eating in the restaurant, as my husband and I frequently do it is always wonderful to overhear people talking about our flowers.

We listened to the requirements of the restaurant and we set to work, just like Cielo knows food we know floral decor. Our proofs of concept worked and with some minor alterations, a selection of luxurious floral designs were produced. Smaller arrangements for some tables and larger ones for entrance areas and public spaces all made with to the precise standards that Demmerys is renowned for.


The Demmerys flowers add to the dining experience and the fresh and lifelike floral decorations have become a superb investment for Cielo Italian. The practicality and versatility of the flower arrangements that look so alive have become part of the business, used to make customers happy as they dine on some of the finest Italian food outside of Italy



Add To The Unique Experience Of Your Restaurant With A Bespoke Demmerys Floral Design

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