Add Elegance To Your Show Home With Demmerys Floral Designs

Demmerys has a couple of estate agents that appreciate how our floral décor can uplift a house and make it more appealing to buyers. Our expertise in flower making allows us to match the best flowers and arrangements to the property for sale. The flowers we make look so fresh and alive that any show home is automatically made to look brighter and happier.

Selling your house can be hard work and it can be a lot of fun. Over the last few months Demmerys, believe it or not, have helped a number of people sell their house by using our luxurious faux flower décor to make a home look stunning.

When people come to my house, they see my floral décor arranged tastefully in almost every room and friends always say it looks so good. The same goes for a show home when selling a house. Flowers can really brighten a place up and make ugly dark corners look cheerful and this can increase the chances of the property selling for a better price

Artificial Tropical Flowers
Artificial White Casablnca Lily


Some homeowners often ask me if I can help with some floral décor for the their homes when selling. I am always happy to help and will often arrange a meeting at the house to discuss some ideas and get an understanding of what works. At Demmerys, going the extra mile is part of what we do. Sometimes people send us photos and based on those my team and I can come up with some ideas to help sell a house. Our flowers really do make a difference.

It is never about going overboard with a show home when it comes to floral décor. The trick is to make the property feel homely and welcoming. With some simple design choices and using the right flowers in the right colour and Demmerys can add some magic to any show home.

The other advantage of using our silk flowers for a show home, as I tell every customer, is that the flowers can be used multiple times. If over the course of three or four weeks the house is on show a few times the freshness of our floral décor remains the same. If used in new builds our flower arrangements last for months creating the static lived in look every developer is looking for.

Demmerys floral solutions really can add value to a home, the bright flowers make prospective buyers feel happy and when they are happy they will spend a little bit more. Don’t say I said this but using our flowers to help sell your home may just be the ace the up your sleeve.


 Add To The Unique Experience Of Your Show Home With A Bespoke Demmerys Floral Design

Flowers for Showhomes
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