Add a welcoming ambience to your hotel with Demmerys floral designs

Cut huge costs on your annual flower bill with our luxurious faux flower arrangements.

Typically a venue has at least 1 flower arrangement, approximate height 85cm displayed on the reception desk.

This arrangement made with fresh flowers will cost anywhere between £30-£75 depending on the location of the venue and flowers used in the display. If we take the lower end of the price spectrum you can see by the example below there is huge yearly savings to be made.

Example……Fresh Flowers V Luxurious Faux Flowers

 1x £30 fresh flower arrangement x 52 wks = £1,560

1 x Demmerys Luxurious Faux Flower arrangement £300 (large size cost)

Huge yearly saving of £1,260 on 1 arrangement!!

Remember, you will have your faux flower arrangement forever, so even more savings year after year!

Hotel Decor

A local hotel recently approached Demmerys for some advice and assistance on floral décor. The hotel was finding the fresh flowers were becoming quite expensive and often the flowers didn’t last as long as expected. Demmerys was asked to produce some floral designs that would look as fresh as the real flowers.

The challenge was nothing out of the ordinary for Demmerys, we have been producing floral décor for commercial and business use for many years. However, for this hotel we wanted to do something a little special and soon we had some ideas to present. Hotels can be challenging places in which to use floral décor, the flowers must look impressive and yet they must not take over the place.

Pictured below, masses of faux delicate cream roses displayed under air conditioning unit, lucky they are not fresh they wouldn’t last the day out in this area.

flowers for licensed premises
Flowers for Hotels

As you can see to the picture above, beautiful fresh touch purple vanada  orchids add opulence and creating drama to a dark area that was once never used. As they are luxurious faux flowers they do not need sunlight and will never wilt.

The hotel required a number of floral designs and décor solutions for different areas. Larger public areas such as the lobby, lounge and reception required something fresh and practical and here larger displays worked well. There was a demand to keep things classy and cheerful and with some creativity some superb pieces were recommended and subsequently used. Smaller displays of flower and plants were dotted around the hotel, some on tables in the bar area, some in the lavatories – a place where floral décor is often very tatty – and other strategically placed to bring colour and life to the hotel.

The lifelike flowers produced by Demmerys were soon a hit with the hotel management, the low maintenance and the realism really worked. Guests too commented on the wonderful floral décor, especially the orchids and the brilliant tropical flower arrangements. Without going overboard and ensuring the highest quality flower arrangements were delivered the hotel received the ideal floral décor solution.

On being invited to stay at the hotel as a thank you, it was a true pleasure to see the Demmerys floral décor being put to good use. Even I was convinced the orchid in the reception area was real and that put a real smile on my face.

Add To The Unique Experience Of Your Hotel With A Bespoke Demmerys Floral Design

Artificial White Orchids
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