Artificial Green Walls

Amazingly lifelike & completely customisable

Artificial Green Walls

Enchant your space with an artificial green wall from our beautifully bespoke collection. Suitable for both commercial and residential areas, our artificial green walls enrapture any individual that looks their way, creating a mesmerising décor statement whilst leaving a lingering impression. Browse our capsule edit of Demmery’s wall panels and take the first steps to putting your space in a whole new league…

Greenery in the most difficult of places

Artificial Green Walls

We have recently partnered with VistaGreen artificial green walls, the owner Paul Alder, multi award winner horticulturist with 25 years experience building gardens for prestige commercial and residential projects, who has designed these lush dense multi plant species panels. He realised there was a demand for a flexible system that creates the look of beautiful vertical garden wall planting without the hassle of using real plants that require natural light and ongoing maintenance.

A perfect fit for every space

Lightweight and simple

The artificial green walls are designed and then mounted on lightweight metal frames, reducing the space needed outwards that conventional indoor, and outdoor, plants require. Custom made to fit any space of any size, delivering a practical floral décor solution in the colours and style of your choice. No design is too simple or complex, and the green wall panels are easily installed using a unique fixing system designed by Vista green. Likewise, should a change of design for seasonal reasons or just because the green walls from Demmerys can be easily removed and even redesigned with different lifelike flowers and leaves.
The only limit is your own imagination

Extreme versatility

Green walls from Demmerys are extremely versatile and can be fitted at any angle even providing complete floral canopy from the ceiling. Creating an indoor vineyard or rainforest look and feel with a green wall is a Demmerys speciality. Likewise, these lifelike and tremendously practical floral solutions can make attractive and unusual screens and office dividers or even line corridors and walkways with a natural looking hedgerow throughout the building. With a green wall from Demmerys, the use is only limited by your imagination.

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