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Floral Designs For Interior Designers

Exquisite Faux Florals & Botanica

Take any interior space from dull to dreamlike simply by introducing a signature Demmery’s. Our exquisite floral designs are becoming the No. 1 choice for interior designers around the world, with our magnetic creations and luxurious fabrics working together to elevate the aesthetics and ambience of places with flair/everywhere from Saudi hotspots to Park Lane hotels. Take a look around and discover how our handcrafted blooms can bring pizzazz to your project…


Bespoke Floral Design

Ahead of the curve


Designing for interiors can present challenges. From changing trends to the ever varying tastes of your clients, striking the perfect balance between supply and demand and creating a look that feels timeless, yet relevant can be tricky. Throw in the technically short life span of fresh flowers and perfectly accenting a space becomes that little bit more difficult.


A Demmery’s offers the perfect solution. Lifelike and luxurious, our handcrafted faux florals are a dream come true for passionate lifestyle designers wanting to create the look and feel of a certain season, out of season. Beautiful to look at and soft to the touch, our floral designs take away the hassle and maintenance that accompany fresh flowers, adding a flawless finish to rooms and magically setting the scene with minimal fuss and maximum impact.


Oh, and did we mention that they also last a lifetime? By converting to faux, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

It’s all in the design


Often mistaken for fresh flowers, our faux floral designs are a sight to behold. This is due to both our unique eye for design and meticulous attention to detail; both traits working together to produce a growing catalogue of high-quality floral designs with a style to suit every budget. Whether you’re dressing up a home or decorating a commercial space, our floral art will introduce the je ne sais quoi that you’ve been looking for.


With a limitless lifespan also thrown into the mix, a Demmery’s is an ageless addition and a worthy investment. Our designs can be made to order too, matching the colour and style of a room or space with pinpoint perfection. In short, they’re true works of art.

Bespoke Floral Design

With never ending trends in interior design floral art of interior designs is in constant demand. From pink carnations one minute to purple orchids the next, finding fresh flowers, especially out of season, can be challenging. To bring spring to a room in winter silk and artificial flowers from Demmerys are magical. The realistic and lifelike flowers and plants are a dream for any interior designer who needs to create the feel of a certain season out of season. The flowers and a variety of floral décor from Demmerys make finding better than fresh flowers a breeze for any savvy interior designer.Setting the scene in any room is where an interior designer excels. Finding the balance between décor, design and feel is always the challenge and floral décor is often a key component and finishing touch to any room or space.

The perfect fit


Our growing catalogue of floral designs is expansive and eclectic, so we’re confident you’ll find something online that’s appropriate for your project in terms of shape, size and shade. But if you can’t find ‘the one’, rest assured that we can create it. Whether it’s something as simple as a pink fuchsia in a simple glass vase, or a more dramatic show piece in a silver urn with foliage, we can bring your dream design to fruition.


If you’re lucky enough to have high levels of flexibility within your project, why not consider an artificial green wall? Suitably on-trend, artificial green walls are a fast-track ticket to total room transformation, guaranteeing to catch the eye and attract attention in all the right ways. Our superior levels of quality are in tact on every job, from the mini to the mighty, so you’ll experience a superior product no matter what.

Next time you embark on a new interior project, consider a Demmery’s for an important interior decision you really won’t regret.

Please feel free to call me personally to discuss your requirements on 07980 740759. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,


Artificial flowers and plants from Demmerys are true works of art, and many interior designers fool their clients into thinking they are real. Because Demmerys produce such high-quality products in a variety of planters with an even wider choice of plants and flowers, Interior designers know exactly where to find the ideal floral art. Thanks to Demmerys a real touch of class can be added to any space created by an interior designer.Whether a space is commercial, residential or even industrial floral art for interior designers is a major part of the finished product. Even if the floral art is used only for the unveiling of the interior design masterpiece silk flowers and plants from Demmerys are the perfect finishing touch. Unlike fresh flowers, the floral art produced by Demmerys can match the colours and style of the room or space created with pinpoint perfection. Whether pink fuchsias in a simple glass bowl are needed or is a perfect orchid in a silver urn is required, Demmerys can produce the perfect centrepiece of floral art for interior designers.

When it comes to flowers and making a room look amazing, Interior Designers really must look at the floral are solutions from Demmerys.

Our artificial green walls are all the rage and finding the best is a challenge for everyone. For interior designers, to homemakers, and commercial property managers, Artificial green walls are the way to go. Demmerys produces the very best and most realist floral décor for interior designers, and Artificial Green Walls are just part of the solution. With leaves that look so real and fresh, those who install artificial green walls from Demmerys will want to water them daily, and those who walk by them will look in wonder and joy. Artificial Green Walls from Demmerys are the perfect addition to the range of floral art solutions for interior designers.

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