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My Story

Hi, I’m Sharon

I live in Birmingham but I’m not a Brummie, I was born and raised in Bristol.

My passion is creating floral designs that will exceed your expectations. I am passionate about my work, which I engage in with gusto and enthusiasm. I hope my unique style draws on the traditional values of floral design while trying to interpret them through the modern eye. Besides ‘Demmerys” though, I have many other interests which include my two besties, Harry, my gorgeous grandson, Scruffy my dog and my favourite tipple of a Russian persuasion!!

All three have been known to try to influence my design capacity, to no avail!!

The Dream

For a long time I always asked why people had a somewhat skewed understanding of silk and artificial flowers. I have always loved them and known them to be high quality masterpieces of floral art. But how could I get others to see this truth about flowers?

It did not take long to begin sharing the truth about silk flowers and high quality floral décor. I began making and selling my lifelike flowers to friends and family. Starting out on the kitchen table the orders started to flow and soon I had to move to the living room and eventually the spare room. My husband started to see that this had potential as a business and in 2014 we put our first website together.

What started out as a hobby to supplement an income soon became a thriving business. Today, Demmerys is renowned for the highest quality, most lifelike silk floral solutions in the UK. By late 2017 Demmerys was much more than just a business that supplies flowers as a gift for granny or the odd flower arrangement to brighten up a home.

I could see there was more

Hitting the ground running 2018, Demmerys made a point of becoming the first choice for all kinds of floral décor solutions for the home and workplace as well as bars, restaurants and hotels. The floral designs produced today are some of the most creative and stunningly beautiful you will find anywhere in the world.

Striving for perfection

The first few years of getting Demmerys off the ground were some of the hardest years I have ever known. However, I had so much support that I could not stop. With the help of an ecommerce guru Demmerys is set on a course for worldwide recognition. We have secured orders for our floral works of art from all over the world from a Safari lodge in the heart of Africa to an upmarket New York apartment. Selling my flowers as a business is no longer a dream, Demmerys today is alive and thriving.

More than just floral art

Demmerys is not just about wonderful flowers and floral décor, Demmerys is about seeing silk flowers in a different and more beautiful way. My passion for flowers and flower arranging has overflowed beyond making the very best floral décor solutions, and into delivering a service that decorate spaces with quality manmade flowers and plants.

Demmerys is pioneering a path to success and bringing a completely new appreciation of floral design to the world. I am changing the way people view silk flowers, demonstrating the real beauty and turning flowers into floral works of art and investment pieces.

Demmerys are now in demand around the corner and around the world.

Demmerys would never be where it is today without the support of so many people. We started out by selling to friends and family using word of mouth to spread the word. Today word of mouth is still the best way people are introduced to Demmerys but social media has extended our reach further than I ever dreamed. We have had our fair share of celebrities rave about our flowers and décor solutions and I have helped some of the biggest brands make their floral décor dreams and crazy ideas become reality.

Exclusive and Personal

As with everything in life the personal touch really matters. Demmerys has grown, but we have no intention to look like and act like a huge corporation. We are open and honest; I hope transparency is what makes us who and what we are. We are not afraid to tell you about our flowers and tell you a few stories about them in our blogs and descriptions. We love to provide the personal touch not only with our floral art but in all our communication. Why not get to know us even better on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Keeping it in the family

Demmerys is a family business. Harry, my grandson is perhaps a little too young to be really involved by my husband and kids all get involved. Every decision made is discussed around the dinner table between us and my husband even drives to the other end of the country to deliver and collect rush deliveries on a Sunday. At Demmerys, family means everything because our customers become like family to us. Have you ordered your floral décor and joined the Demmerys family yet?

The future of Demmerys

Since I started out making high quality floral decorations in my kitchen, Demmerys has grown steadily. The company grows every day and the future looks bright. We are spreading our wings and marketing our floral décor solutions in the USA, Europe, Africa and soon Australia and Japan. Demmerys continues to look at new markets and new spaces in which our flowers deliver massive value. Hotels, restaurants and bars are becoming growing markets and Demmerys is now being asked to supply floral décor for weddings, conferences and exhibitions throughout the UK.

The future for Demmerys is very bright and we welcome you to join us on our journey where we are making our flowers the most loved flowers that have never grown. Demmerys is fuelled by passion, driven by quality and rewarded through the smiles of everyone who sees or owns our flowers.

Thank you for reading and if I can ever be of service to you, it will be my pleasure.