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Just Fantastic!

What a pleasure it is buying something that is exactly as expected! Great product fast delivery thank you!

And what a pleasure it is having you as a Demmerys customer Paul, always easy and uncomplicated to deal with, you really are a delight, have a great Christmas Paul, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
the Victoria

another great arrangement from demmerys, the vase is gorgeous and the whole item looks stunning perfect size, quality and service.

And another great review from Andy as usual, what more can I say, great people who I enjoy doing my absolute best for and a service to match, thanks for everything you have done for me this year, it's very much appreciated, Best wishes as always, Sharon XXX

bought this orchid for a present and I know they will not be disappointed its perfect in every way, clean and simple but looks fantastic and great quality.

Hi Andy, if I ever need a CV doing or a letter of recommendation I know where to come! It's always a pleasure to hear and deal with you both, you're such great people. I do hope that the recipient likes the design as much as you or I'm in trouble. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas & New year, God Bless, Sharon XX

The item exceeded all my expectations! It looks stunning! The attention to details is amazing! A work of art, so to speak! Thank you for the great experience shopping with you!

Thank you Mariam, it really was a wonderful experience for us too, you are a fabulous customer who we appreciate very much. I'm so glad that your arrangement matched your expectations at least, have a great Christmas and hope to see you again in the New Year, Best Wishes Mariam, Sharon XX
The Lapal Orchid Display

Stunning display and so life-like. Prompt delivery. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much Margaret for your very kind words, I'm thrilled that you like your arrangement and the service you received, we really do try our very best to look after each and every customer to the best of our ability. I hope to hear from you again in the future Margaret and thanks again for your kindness, Best Wishes as ever, Sharon XX
Love it

Always get all my flowers from you and it’s always amazing :) worth every penny

Your support and loyalty is very much appreciated Melly, I'm so happy that you're pleased with' The Tyburn', it really makes a statement doesn't it? Once again,thank you for your continued support, it really is very special to me, Best Wishes Melly, Sharon XX

wanted something for a corner in my hall and was not disappointed when I stood this 5ft orchid arrangement in position, its truly a show stopper and certainly gives the wow factor and would make any wasted dull corner look spectacular and cheery so pleased with this arrangement and it is so grand and life like and what a 5 * service I got with it too.

Thank you Andrew, I know you were looking forward to receiving 'The Ashbee' and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. As you say, it really is a show stopper and heavy too I found. You really will have something to show the relatives this Christmas eh? Thank you for taking the time to leave me your very kind thoughts, I'm thrilled I have not let you down but also thrilled that you are so pleased, it's been a real pleasure Andrew, thank you sooooo much, Sharon XXX

was looking for something to match my colour scheme in the lounge and come across this one, it certainly is a ray of sunshine and brightens up and fits my scheme perfectly, the flowers are such high quality as normal and it looks truly amazing and life like, what can I say another great arrangement from demmerys would recommend this company without a doubt have bought a few and will definitely buy more with no hesitation what so ever.

I'm starting to get embarrassed by your kindness, anyone reading these will think my mum has written them!! It is thrilling for me to know you are pleased and strangely enough, to give me confidence moving forward that maybe I'm doing something right. As I have said previously, you are very classy people and very kind, hope Santa brings you everything you wish for soon. Thank you, I'm blown away by you both with your stunning comments and it really does help other people help make their mind up when they read reviews like yours. Best Wishes as ever, Sharon XXX
stunning arrangement

what can I say had my eye on this one for a while and it certainly does not disappoint, the copper bowl in itself is perfect but the orchids together with it just make it an amazing arrangement, you just don't realise how big and grand this is until it is sat on your table, so glad I went for it in the end so pleased with it in every way would recommend to anyone who has got their eye on this one and once again the service is as good as the arrangements themselves and that is perfect once again!

I was sat looking at this piece last night, as it was at my house ready for me to deliver it today and even I was impressed with my work. It really is a big arrangement that kind of makes a statement when it is first seen. Can't thank you both enough for your kindness and wonderful reviews, you're both class acts and the pleasure has been all mine, God bless both, Sharon XXX
truly amazing arrangement

well well what a stunner! a truly spectacular centre piece that does not fail to please, love it from begging to end with all the foliage that just makes it perfect for what I wanted and the bowl is stunning too and not to mention the first class service.

You truly are a star, in fact, both of you are. I am humbled by your kind words and appreciation, if I can be of service to you both one day, you know I will create something special and look after you properly, thank you again, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
wow !

truly stunning! amazing arrangement that hits you when you walk in my hall, so grand and life like you can't not love it, and the service from beginning to end was well a cut above other companies I have used, would recommend with no hesitation what so ever.

What can I say Wendy, both you and Andy are fabulous people to work with, I've enjoyed the experience every bit as much as you have and it really has been so easy with our communications etc. I'm really at a loss what to say but thank you so much, you're such great people and I'm so proud that you thought of Demmerys, amazing experience, best wishes to you both, Sharon XXX
Great once again.

Good prompt delivery.
Quality is superb as expected.
If only all internet purchases were this reliable.

Fantastic review Andrew, thank you very much for your kind words and five stars, I hope to hear from you again one day, it's been a real pleasure, Best Wishes Andrew, Sharon X
Dudley arrangement

Stunning display. Centre piece of the room.

Thank you for your time to send me a wonderful review Brian, just makes everything seem worthwhile, I'm so thrilled that you're pleased, I love 'The Dudley' too, best wishes Brian, Regards Sharon X

The orchids arrangement we ordered were above our expectations: in perfect condition, spotless finish and gives indeed very real impression. An amazing addition to the interior.

Bless you Alison, you're so very kind, it was my pleasure to be of service to you, thank you sooooo much, hope to hear from you again one day X
Orchid arrangement

The arrangement was just as shown on the Internet. The one disappointment was given the cost of the display the bowl was plastic . I though it would have been ceramic. Would have looked much nice.

Hi Sue, thank you for your review and the five stars, however, I have taken on board your comments regarding the container and I will adjust this accordingly moving forward, your comments really are so important so that I know what to adjust in the future X
Lovely flowers

I saw this website when I was googling for artificial flowers and when I saw the photos on the website I fall in love with them, I've got an purple and pink orchid in a big black vase and it's a bit absolutely gorgeous.

Highly recommended.

Hi Ghazal, Thank you so much for your kind message and taking the time to leave feedback for me, it means so much to hear what customers think of the quality my arrangements. Kind Regards Sharon

Lovely arrangement, very realistic. Recommended

Hi Paul, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me feedback for your purchase. a dream to deal with Paul, many thanks! Sharon,
Excellent service and beautiful arrangements

I am so pleased with my beautiful orchid arrangements they look stunning in my home . A visit to Singapore inspired me to buy them, I couldn’t recomend Demmerys enough.
Thank you

What more can I say Sally, an unbelievable experience for me too, a real pleasure for me, best wishes Sharon X
Delighted once again!

Sharon never fails to impress with her superb arrangements. I am delighted once again with the quality of both the service and products created at Demmerys. Thank you very much!

Hi Hollie, at this rate people will think we are related, a truly fabulous customer who I'm so grateful to, best wishes as always to both of you XX
Stunning arrangements

I am so pleased with both of the beautiful displays they look amazing in my home
Thank you so much

Brilliant, it was my pleasure Sally, best wishes as always, Sharon X
Beautiful arrangement

Great quality, and excellent customer service, would definitely recommend

Thank you Mauricio, a wonderful review, without such reviews I have no business, glad to be of service, best wishes Sharon
Brightens up my day!

I am so pleased with my 'one off' arrangement that arrived last week- I wanted something elegant and beautiful and that's exactly what I got! I love the succulents in the pot and the flowers are stunning- already getting compliments! Thank You!

Hi Natalie, great to see you are another satisfied customer, however, I'm so pleased you're happy, it was so kind of you to leave such a wonderful review, best wishes Sharon XX
Beautiful product with equally beautiful customer service.

I purchase 3 large orchids. They are truly stunning. I am over the moon with them! Thank you Sharon for your faultless communication and hard work.

And thank you also Hollie, you are truly a star, what more can I say but thank you for your amazing comments and five stars, anything you need in the future you know I will do my best for you and also look after you, Best Wishes, Sharon X

We had two very large arrangements from Sharon and I couldn’t be more thrilled with them. The quality is outstanding, and the design stunning.

And so is you're stunning review Anna, thank you, without such fabulous reviews I am nothing, it really means the world to me to hear you are happy, enjoy!! Best wishes Sharon X
Stunning floral arrangements

We are so thrilled with our two large arrangements; they are so perfect for our home.

I'm thrilled too Anna, a great customer to deal with and I thank you so much for being so lovely with your fantastic feedback, best wishes Sharon X