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The Process


To make a more informed and educated decision when buying a luxurious Demmerys arrangement, we have compiled a start to finish process, using both images and written content to demonstrate the level of detail involved in creating your lifelike floral design. We hope this will give you a useful insight into "how it all happens" and why Demmerys is the first choice in floral décor and arrangements for both residential and commercial use.


And In The Beginning...

One of our most popular designs is the fresh touch phalaenopsis orchid arrangement. Using materials and components of only the highest quality, this is how our superior, realistic and authentic arrangements come to life. In the floral arrangement being produced here, Sophie has selected a high quality dimpled copper pot with large ring handles, top quality white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids, two different types of ferns, lifelike orchid leaves, bamboo canes and preserved moss.

In addition to this list we require these tools and materials: covered florist wire, a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors and wire cutters. Having prepared the copper pot with foam, Sophie covers the foam with the realistic preserved moss.

At Demmerys, experience has taught us to allow around twenty-four hours to complete this stage, resting the materials at a regulated temperature, to let the foam and glue to set firmly. Once this stage is complete, are we ready to start creating our floral masterpiece.

Bamboo & Glue

Twenty four hours later Sophie is able to begin the next step in the process of producing a lifelike flower arrangement. The final display will consist of five fresh touch premium phalaenopsis orchid stems requiring the use of five bamboo canes. The process of creating Demmerys masterpiece begins by pushing the bamboo canes into place and then removing them, one at a time. The reason for this is that all Demmerys arrangements are made to be permanent fixtures. On removal, each cane is cut to size and glued back into its original position using the glue gun.

Typically, it takes a three to four hours for the glue to set and cure to ensure the canes are well and truly fixed in position. Once set, the more interesting part of the orchid display can begin with the artificial orchid stems themselves.

Starting To Get Interesting

Each arrangement from Demmerys is unique and once the desired height of the display has been determined,each individual orchid stem is cut to size using wire cutters. Each individual orchid will need to be fluffed out and manipulated to make them look as real and lifelike as a living fresh orchid plant would look and behave in its planter. In the same manner as the bamboo canes, the orchids are pushed into the copper pot and foam, removed and then glued into place with the glue gun in order to make the stems permanent.

It should be noted that the orchids are pointed outwards at this stage and positioned correctly, once the glue has dried they cannot be easily repositioned a second time. At this early stage the floral arrangement looks empty and sparse. However, the finishing touches later on in the assembly process that brings everything together in the manner one expects from Demmerys.

Firmly Fixed

Once the glue has cured and set firm and both the bamboo canes and orchid stems are positioned exactly where they are needed to be the orchids need to be fixed as they are top heavy. Fixing the orchids to the bamboo canes need precision and patience to ensure the lifelike perfection Demmerys insists on. The procedure sounds simple but is much more than just using the coated wire and twisting it.

Absolute realism

In this next step, Sophie can be seen fluffing and manipulating the last of the orchids into the desired style of this design to create absolute realism. This step in the process cannot be rushed, and experienced hands know the moment that an orchid looks perfect.

Demmerys receives materials from the best suppliers all over the world. As with every product, the artificial flowers are packed very tightly in cardboard boxes flattening them for transport. As the flowers are unpacked, we must fluff out each individual stem to achieve the natural, lifelike making them look more realistic than fresh flowers. Furthermore, with the fresh touch flowers Demmerys use, the stems and petals also need to acclimatise to room temperature. It takes at least 4 hours in for the flower heads to open up fully and show their true beauty.

Attention to Detail

Sophie is now making sure the design is looking the way she intended it to look by arranging the orchids into position to make sure the finished display will look as natural as possible, as if its been grown in a planter. Careful attention to detail ensures every floral arrangement from Demmerys doesn’t just look perfect but also looks alive and real. Every arrangement is handmade and no two are identical as our process shows.

Now For The ferns

In this stage of the process now the fern stems are added individually. Each lifelike stem is manipulate into position and fixed using the glue gun. At Demmerys all the materials we use are the very best and our botanicals are sourced from one of the leading suppliers Holland. Because we use the very best our plants are so natural looking that previous customers have watered them by accident. For us, this means we have done our job as it proves that the floral arrangements from Demmerys really do look lifelike.

Are The Leaves Real?

The next step in manufacturing process is to shape the phalaenopsis plant leaves into a lifelike and natural state by fluffing them into their realistic position. The leaves are included in overall design to bring further realism to the arrangement. The leaves even fool us because they look so real because of their quality. Time is take to ensure each leaf looks lifelike before being added to the display.

Realism & Roots

The Phalaenopsis leaves have roots attached to them. To add realism we use these as a feature hanging over the side of the display. At this stage in the process, as with every other stage, creating authenticity is vital and the positioning of the leaves and roots often takes time to perfect. If we are not happy the arrangement will not move to the next stage of completion.

What More Ferns, Really?

To add depth and create added realism to the arrangement Sophie adds a different fern type to the design. Perfect and natural placement of the ferns is crucial to create a living look and feel, attention to detail is what makes a Demmerys floral arrangement superior to all others. The ferns used by Demmerys are sourced far and wide from every corner of the globe. We visit suppliers in Europe and attend trade fairs internationally to source only the very best products that have a fresh touch look and feel. Our travels keep us abreast of the trends in floral design and production to ensure we deliver not only the best products but the most innovative and fashionable. Demmerys is always ahead of the curve.

Set & Cure

The ferns are positioned and pushed firmly into the floral foam. Once placed they are permanently secured using the glue gun. Again the glue is left to set and cure before moving on to the next step in the process. Patience is the key to producing the superb quality floral décor solutions and arrangements that Demmerys is renowned for. Only the absolute best quality leaves the Demmerys workshop as that is what our customers demand and expect.

Natural Looking Foliage

Once the ferns and material are fixed and secure Sophie arranges the foliage into a natural position. It takes years of experience to perfect this extremely important part of the process. Arranging the greenery to look natural is where a Demmerys arrangement really comes to life. Taking time to ensure the plants look perfect ensures quality and is all part of the Demmerys promise.

Almost There

Once perfectly arranged, the display is almost complete. Sophie adds the remaining phalaenopsis leaves to the design, positioning them perfectly to ensure realism create further depth to the arrangement. Finally all the components of the lifelike Demmerys masterpiece are secured and firmly fixed with the glue gun.

First Inspection

Once all the materials are fixed and secured into place Sophie reviews the floral arrangement all round to make sure everything is secure and not damaged. Once again, with an eye for detail, each component is double checked for quality and that it is as natural looking as possible. Often at this stage another member of the Demmerys team reviews the arrangement for quality control purposes.

Quality Control

The final step in the construction process is quality control. Demmerys thrive on quality and the customer expects nothing less than the best. Sophie takes time for a final check of her creation to ensure all of the components of the display, the flowers and foliage are correctly positioned. The priority is to make sure the entire piece look and feels as natural looking as a fresh orchid grown planter would look, and Demmerys succeed at this every time!

Ready For Dispatch

The finished arrangement is left to set and dry for twenty four hours. Once fully set Sophie gets the arrangement ready for urgent dispatch to the client. With each creation a "Demmerys Flowers For Life" label is added, this is the Demmerys promise. Furthermore, along with the arrangement we provide flower care instructions to ensure your flowers remain fresh and lifelike for many years to come.

Anyone Want A Photo?

For all Demmerys floral creation to look their best and to give clients a clear idea of what each arrangement looks like beyond the online store, we have all our arrangements professionally photographed. Our experienced, specialist photographer Sallie, specialises in capturing the real beauty and realism of flowers. She also captures the quality of the overall masterpiece that includes the high end vase used in our designs. Superb professional photography takes time and typically, this is a two hour procedure. To produce the best photographs for around numerous shots with different lighting are taken for each floral arrangement. Once the best shots are selected only then can we place the arrangement for sale online.

The Finished Design

This is the finished floral masterpiece: An display of white fresh touch Phalaenopsis orchids arranged with natural looking orchid leaves and realistic ferns set in a large, high quality aged copper planter with impressive ring handles.

Every Demmerys product is delivered with a flower care card that provides details how to look after your Demmerys flower arrangement, Although caring for your flowers very simple to do, all orders come with a free ostrich feather duster to dust with, this helps remove any residue dust on the flowers. We love our flowers and we want you to as well, by following our care instructions your Demmerys floral arrangement will give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Oh No, It's Me

So there we have it, the finished Demmery floral arrangement. We hope this behind the scenes experience gives you an insight into the time and care that goes into every luxurious Demmerys floral design. Phalaenopsis orchids symbolise love, luxury, beauty and strength, while a white orchid represents innocence, beauty and elegance.

We hope you agree that our orchids represent all of these. If we can be of service to you moving forward please feel free to contact us on 0121 270 6597 or email us or, thank you.