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Make a one-off statement with the Drayton, a spectacular display of perfectly poised parrot tulips stylishly exhibited in a black maze coral vase. On course to bring a new dimension to any home or workspace, this signature Demmery’s is a sumptuous work of art, with the intricate emerald embellishments to the vase highlighting the blissful blooms beautifully.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Overall arrangement height: 70cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

One normally has a vision of tulips as yellow and red flows in uniformity making a very bold statement. While that is true Parrot Tulips are perhaps the less formally dressed cousin that few people actually know exist. The white, almost fluffy flowers are perfect (and different) for any floral arrangement. However, this arrangement is not your average floral arrangement because it is a Demmerys floral arrangement.

Demmerys are recognised as the masters at producing the finest silk flower arrangements that exceed every expectation every time. The realism, creativity and often ingenuity makes a Demmerys flower arrangement stand out from any other floral decor. This first class arrangement of a White Parrot Tulips in a Large Vase really does stand out.

As with every floral arrangement produced by Demmerys this piece is all about quality. Quality and realism enable this and every other flower arrangement produced to deliver the happiness and contentment every owner is looking for. Even these humble white tulips in a designer black vase deliver more than anyone would ever expect, the quality of the entire piece exceeds any perceived ideas.

The white flowers and pale green leaves look so real that one feels they need to be watered on a daily basis. This appearance can only be achieved by using the very best materials. Look closely and you will see just how outstanding each flower and each leaf is, only up very close can one tell it is not real. On top of this the vase selected has been chosen from one of the best suppliers and has been chosen to complement the flowers it will hold. The entire piece flows and has a special sense of joy contained within it.

This relaxed and happy arrangement is more than just a vase full of tulips. Tulips are amazing, there is no denying it but this arrangement is very much a masterpiece in floral design and decor. These flowers have been created with passion and love to become a work of art that will draw attention and smiles from many admirers. These admirers feel loved back by the flowers and this is perhaps the real mystery than makes this and many other Demmerys floral designs real investment pieces.

These artificial tulips in a vase are guaranteed to liven up any home or office and fill it with a certain sense of happiness. The flowers were made just for this purpose and at Demmerys we know you will be happy with them because we were happy making them.