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When your décor needs an uplift, turn to the Bartley for a sweet and simple interior enhancement. Petite in size but strong in presence, this beautiful Demmery’s spotlights lifelike fresh-touch orchids, with its contrasting green leaves making the white of the blooms pop. The silver double-handled oblong vase in ceramic silver augments its picturesque status.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation, only 1 available.
  • Overall arrangement height: 50cm.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This amazing fake phalaenopsis in its silver planter is a superb piece of flower arranging art. Unlike other fake orchids in vases this delightful piece is sure to please anyone.

The silver vase that accommodates this superior quality fake phalaenopsis plant is the finishing touch that makes this a masterpiece. Unlike other fake orchids in vases this outstanding example of flower making skill and expertise is one Demmerys is proud of. The entire piece evokes charm and beauty and even on the darkest day this arrangement makes a person smile.

The arrangement is a solid piece and would be happy placed almost anywhere. It would make an elegant work of art placed in a living room to bring brightness to a dark corner. Likewise, it would look more than ornate sat on a sideboard. Unlike other fake orchids in vases this one has the ability to make itself at home anywhere. Any house would be made a home with this fake phalaenopsis.

However, this elegant arrangement can also work in the corporate world. In a boardroom or reception are one could easily use any choice of fake orchids in vases. This fake phalaenopsis would be something so much more welcoming and special. The beauty would greet visitors and staff alike every day and that little touch of happiness will truly uplift the workplace.

Imagine this piece of art in a hotel or guesthouse. The class of this, along with its minimal maintenance requirements would make is a piece worthy to be owned. Guests would smile and know you have their best interests at heart upon glancing at this arrangement for the first time.

This fake phalaenopsis is so real and so charming it is hard to ignore it. Made from the very materials woven by some of the most experienced hands it overflows with quality. There are fake orchids in vases and then there is an orchid from Demmerys. Anyone will tell you that once you purchase a Demmerys arrangement you have invested in a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment. This masterpiece comes with a money back guarantee but we know you will love it as much as we do. In fact, if we do not love it it will never leave our workshop because your happiness is our goal.