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Open up your interior space with the Faraday, a refined curation of fresh-touch phalaenopsis orchids showcased in an elegant glass urn with a textured stone base. Perfect for adding interest to windowsills and table settings, this beautifully crafted Demmery’s arrangement is both lifelike and luxurious, with its lush leafy bedding heightening its realistic aesthetic.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Bowl diameter dimensions: top 31cm x bottom 17cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 89cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This is one of the most classical arrangements of orchids in the Demmerys collection. There is nothing more exquisite than this White Orchid Phalaenopsis Arrangement in Glass Urn . The fresh white orchids look even more alive than real flowers in the textured stone base of the planter giving a heightened sense of realism.

At 89 centimetres high, this luxury arrangement of orchids is in a class of its own. It stands out from the average because of its simplicity and the simplicity is given added charm through distinct quality. The plants from the glass urn to the petals look so alive that they feel they should be pruned; such is the natural lushness of the each part. At first glance, one could be mistaken for thinking these are real orchids and it is easy to see why.

The whole arrangement is a perfect demonstration of artificial flowers at their very best. Demmerys has perfected this art of many years and the secrets to realism are the same as the secret to success in everything. If one aims to be the best of the best and nothing less it can and will always be achieved. In this arrangement, the orchids and leaves are made from the very best materials, as this is the only way to become the best.

Every petal, every stem and each lush leaf is made from the best materials that can be sourced. Demmerys does not and will not settle for second best or almost as good as, only the best will be used and if better can be found it will be used too. It doesn't take a lot to see that the small added cost involved with using the best materials really does pay off. Even the glass urn has been carefully selected to ensure quality is maintained in the arrangement.

Quality has become the trademark each Demmerys arrangement and this White Orchid Phalaenopsis Arrangement in Glass Urn is no exception. To ensure this quality is delivered the best materials must be hand crafted into perfect flowers by the very best flower makers. The Demmerys team consists only of seasoned flower makers who not only know how to make lifelike flowers but understand how to breathe life into any flower arrangement.

Bringing high quality materials and expert flower making skills together produces masterpieces such as this impressive and classical arrangement. There is no hiding the fact that these orchids are indeed impressive and that makes them an investment. The quality surpasses any other flowers you might find in the UK and the money back guarantee is the stamp of approval and assurance of this. These flowers are made to last represent the best investment you can make in any floral decor. Don't just believe us ask our customers.