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Highlight your interior space with the Warstock, an exceptionally lifelike floral arrangement that strikes the perfect balance between delicate and distinctive. Uniquely presented in a luxury railway sleeper wine cooler, this eye-catching Demmery’s curation blends brilliant white phalaenopsis orchids with contrasting leaves and moss, resulting in a head-turning display with ‘je ne sais quoi’.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Wine cooler dimensions: H24cm x W30cm x D30cm.
  • Arrangement dimensions: H80cm x W60cm (flower overhang).
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.


This is one of the prettiest of all the arrangements of white artificial flowers in the Demmerys collection. This quirky, beautiful and ornate arrangement of white artificial orchids is one of the most appealing arrangements I have yet to produce.

Using a wooden railway sleeper wine cooler as the planter for the delicate white artificial orchids is the key this arrangement. The planter could look out of place, it is a wine cooler, but with these white artificial flowers, it looks perfect. By being different, this arrangement will never look out of place and will grab the attention of any passer-by.

The realism if the artificial flowers that makes this entire piece truly work. To achieve the true to nature look and feel that Demmerys promises to deliver takes time, effort and constant attention to quality. Every petal, every leaf and each piece of moss with these white artificial orchids is made from the finest materials. Even the wooden wine cooler planter is top quality with nothing left to chance. Using second best would detract from the quality of this arrangement and that is not what we want.

The arrangement of white artificial flowers looks more real because of the expertise that sits behind its creation. These white artificial orchids take a leap from ordinary white flowers to an investment piece because of this. The attention to detail, the perfect mimicry of nature in the plants and how they are arranged makes all the difference.

If you are looking for a quality gift to make someone happy, especially a female loved one, these white artificial orchids will work wonders. This amazing creation will last a lifetime and look as fresh as the day you purchased it for many years to come. Because Demmerys focuses on quality and pays attention to detail these flowers will shine bright and fresh for a lifetime. This means the flowers will repay you with love, happiness and laughter for many years to come.

Above all we know you will love these perfect white artificial flowers. If we are not happy with what we make it does not leave our workshop. But just in case, Demmerys has an honest and valuable Money Back Guarantee that will just add the peace of mind everyone needs.