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Captivate an audience with the Hamstead, a magnetic curation of amazing blue phalaenopsis orchids resembling butterflies on a branch. An original Demmery’s, this lifelike creation is set in a contemporary mirrored fish-bowl vase for an overall dreamlike arrangement. Set to bring a colour pop to any home, hotel, office or showroom, this luxe floral display is on course to mesmerise.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Fish-bowl vase dimensions: D20cm.
  • Overall arrangement dimensions: H60cm x W40cm.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

    These amazing blue artificial flowers in a mirrored vase look like butterflies on a branch. There is something tremendously captivating about this arrangement that one cannot quite put their finger. The flowers look like they could never be real but yet they are so lifelike surely they must be.

    The silver vase complements the bright blues and fresh greens of the truly wonderful orchids. The entire piece has a relaxed and happy feel and draws a person close into the picture it creates. This is one of the most dreamlike arrangements in the entire artificial orchids collection and one that anyone would be proud to own.

    The entire display is a perfect example of the very best flower making in the UK. The passion, effort and care put into the piece create a masterpiece that can truly be marvelled at. It is clear that this arrangement is something special and it would look amazing in any situation. Adding some colour to a living room or brinking happiness to a boardroom the lifelike orchids in the piece are outstanding.

    The real feature about this masterpiece of flower arrangement is the quality of the piece. It is very clear that the display has been made with the intention to amaze and captivate. The high quality materials used in the manufacture are exposed in the finished article that goes beyond what anyone would believe. There are displays of fine artificial orchids and then there are these superb blue orchids.

    Every component of this brilliant arrangement is top quality and it shows. The bright blue petals are made from top quality silk with colour that redefines freshness. The colours create a level of intensity that breathes life into the plant and only the finest silks could achieve this. The silver vase has been carefully selected to give just enough lustre to make the arrangement stand out yet remain somehow soft.

    All the quality has pieced together and arranged in a manner that only a true artist can do. The arrangement of the piece is as much a part of the quality as the materials are. Placed in a lifelike pose the blue orchid has been arranged to maximise its impact on the eye and thus fill the space it is in with love, life and happiness.

    At the end of the day this orchid arrangement is far from ordinary. The fine materials used to create a masterpiece turn this work of art into a collectors piece and thus add value. In truth these blue orchids in a silver vase become an investment that would grace the tables or display areas of any home, office, showroom or hotel.