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Green and dark red edged calla lily, grasses, vines, twigs, and foliage set in this beautiful wooden Tonga vase.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Arrangement height: 70cm.

Vase diemensions: 24x24x32cm.

Delivery included delivery within 2 working days.

If you are looking for a high quality flower arrangement that is exotic, tropical and a little unusual that these Artificial Calla Lilies in a Wooden Tonga Vase are what you are looking for. The flowers look alive, the colours so natural and the grasses so fresh you would believe this plant is alive.

Making artificial flower arrangements that look alive is what Demmerys specialise is and this arrangement of Calla Lilies in a Wooden Tonga Vase are just that. The greens and the browns are hardly tropical in colour the their earthiness creates some magic. However on close inspection the bright green foliage provides just enough colour to make you look and want more.

Everything about this subtle yet brilliant flower arrangement shouts quality and screams for you to believe it is a display of living flowers. This brilliance has been mastered by Demmerys and the skill in involved to make arrangements such as this has been honed to the point where every arrangement is a masterpiece. To achieve this Demmerys has learned that top quality must be point of departure not the final destination.

To ensure the final product is better than just the best this arrangement of Calla Lilies in a Wooden Tonga Vase has been made from only the best materials. It may look a somewhat simple flower arrangement with limited bright colours, but within this lies the challenge to create the enigma of life. Only the finest flower making materials will ever be able to produce the lifelike realism Demmerys insists on. The best silks and artificial grasses must be used as anything less than the best will take away every ounce of realism.

Once the final materials have been selected the very best fingers and hands are needed to weave the lilies into shape. Every petal, every twig and every blade of lifelike grass is painstakingly woven into realist, identical to nature flora. It is this time and effort that makes a Demmerys flower arrangement stand out above all others. This wonderful arrangement shows why no other flower beats a Demmery.

Even the planter, in this case a splendid Tonga Vase, adds to the quality. The vase in this case is exceptional and its unique design uplifts the entire arrangement adding to the tropical look and feel. The Tonga vase creates versatility within this arrangement making suitable for home, commercial and even hotel use. This has to be one of the most practical arrangements in the Demmerys collection.

Above all this special arrangement of Calla Lilies in a Wooden Tonga Vase will stand the test of time. Not only the arrangement close to classical but the high quality materials used in making the flowers mean they will remain fresh looking for many years to come. On top of this one must never forget that Demmerys is so confident that you will love the arrangement that a money back guarantee is always given.