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White Artificial Orchids in a Grey Pot


Artificial white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids arranged in a graphite ellipse vase.

Arrangement height: 73cm.

Vase dimensions: 29 x 6 x 27(WxDxH cm)

UK delivery included within 3 working days.

As an artificial centrepiece this arrangement of Artificial White Orchids in a Graphite Vase is superb. The flowers are beyond beautiful and their lifelike realism makes them a talking point around any table. The graphite vase simply tones things down and makes the entire piece come together in contemporary style.

This display that makes the ordinary become extraordinary is what Demmerys does better than anyone else in the UK. The whole piece is subtle yet sublime and outspoken yet quietly whispering a story. It would feel at home anywhere, on your kitchen table, on the boardroom table or on a desk in your car showroom. This piece is the perfect floral decor for a hotel with its classic beauty but understated, calm appearance. These Artificial White Orchids in a Graphite Vase are perhaps the most versatile orchids you can imagine.

The first thing you will notice about this display of orchids is its quality. Every element is top class and simply better than the best. To achieve this this arrangement has been made using only top quality flower making materials provided by the best suppliers globally. Every petal, each splinter in the stem and every leaf is made from the best flower making materials available. By spending a few pennies more to make the orchids turns them from something normal to a masterpiece of flower arrangement.

The design and presentation of these orchids is also fundamental in the quality of the piece. The Graphite vase works to well with the arrangement that the flowers make a statement. This luxury masterpiece of flower arrangement has been handmade by some of the best flower makers in England. Attention to detail has been paid at every step of manufacturing process while following the blueprint nature provided. Passion was put into the workmanship and creativity was the final masterstroke of these orchids.

The whole arrangement is superb as anyone would expect from Demmerys.Quality oozes from the arrangement that looks so fresh and alive it will please anyone who catches a glance of it. It is the high quality of the arrangement that makes this arrangement so appealing. Because the flowers were made well using first class materials means the freshness and realism will last more than a lifetime. Demmerys makes the best flowers and makes them to last and simple maintenance will ensure this.

This arrangement will be one of the best investments in floral decoration you could wish to make. It will stay fresh looking and alive for many years to come and reward you with happiness and joy. Every smile the orchids generate will make you feel loved and every space these flowers fill will turn it into a happy place. What more could one expect from a stunning arrangement of flowers such as these.

Just to add to things Demmerys has a money back guarantee and this ensures what you receive will be to your satisfaction. We know you will be happy because if we were not happy this arrangement will have never left our workshop.