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Floor Standing Orchid Display


Large artificial floor standing flower display in a white rondo planter with superior white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids leaves and moss.

Height 5ft

Available in other colour planters please call 0121 270 6597 for more colour options.

Available for corporate flower hire.

This amazing floor standing orchid display is part of a range of artificial flowers and plants that has been recommended for commercial use. As the leaders in the production of high quality artificial flowers in the UK, Demmerys knows this arrangement will work for your business.

Artificial flowers and plants can work in any environment but there are levels of quality. This is one of the best examples of good quality artificial flowers in the UK. It has been made to the exacting standards that Demmerys has become renowned for and is one of the most lifelike displays of orchids imaginable.

Each petal of every flower has been made from the highest quality silk to ensure quality. When it comes to artificial flowers and plants this arrangement is supersedes all others simply because of its quality. Everything about this impressive arrangement is quality and the item has been made to be strong as well as versatile.

This arrangement is one of the tallest of the arrangements of artificial flowers and plants in the Demmerys range. The orchid is simple yet functional and would look perfect in any office, function room or hotel lobby. As one of the finest examples of artificial flowers in the UK this large display commands attention is also ideal for showrooms and even wedding receptions.

Made by master flower makers who know all the secrets to making the best artificial flowers and plants this arrangement oozes charm and quality. The freshness and realism will be retained in the amazing arrangement through regular basic maintenance. The arrangement allows you to choose form a variety of different coloured planters to fit in with you decor. Therefore, this arrangement can become timeless and deliver countless years of happiness in its service as a commercial artificial flower arrangement.

What more can be said about this spectacular piece. It comes with the usual money back guarantee as do all out artificial flowers in the UK and this brings peace of mind. It is by far one of the finest pieces in the entire collection of artificial flowers and plants from Demmerys and we know you will love it. In fact, if we did not love it, it would never leave our workshop because if we don't like it how could you?