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Artificial Tropical Flower Arrangement


Artificial ginger torch, real touch oriental green phalaenopsis, twigs and palm leaves arranged in a tall cone shaped black glass vase.

Arrangement height: 100cm. Widest point: 75cm.

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Looking for the ultimate in a large artificial floral arrangement If you are then this arrangement of Tall Tropical Plants and Flowers in an Elegant Black Glass Vase is what you need. This is a Demmerys masterpiece of note and one that is as close to top of the pops in the flower arrangement as you can get.

This superb piece of floral decor is mind blowing to say the very least. The tall artificial Ginger Torches stand out in this majestic masterpiece of tropical flowers. Shooting up and out from a lush green base of green phalaenopsis and palm leaves the red tops are the crowning glory on a real work of art. The high quality black vase could easily just become the frame but its style, size and boldness enhance the final arrangement in a way words cannot define.

This arrangement overflows with happiness, charm and above all quality. The whole display looks alive and even when placed in the darkest corner this cannot be overlooked. Demmerys are the masters and producing manmade flowers that look alive and really do fool people into thinking they are. The lifelike looks in this large arrangement of tropical lushness is mesmerising and incredible.

To achieve the lifelike realism that Demmerys are famed for takes effort and means placing quality on a level that many will find out of reach. Quality is the foundation for this and every production of floral decor from Demmerys and with Demmerys it is to be expected every time. Only the highest quality materials are used to make the very best flowers available online anywhere. A single step down in quality on even the smallest of components would have a ripple effect throughout the arrangement . For this reason Demmerys prefers to spend a little more time, effort and money on the right materials and ideally use materials that are better than the best.

The artistry in this arrangement of Tall Tropical plants in their elegant Black Glass Vase is outstanding too. This arrangement looks natural to the point that it needs watering and regular pruning. To match what nature does with flowers takes an eye for detail and fingers that naturally know what they are doing. The flower makers that make the flowers at Demmerys are the best of the best and they take the best materials to make exceptional arrangements.

This superb arrangement of tropical flowers will last a lifetime and will deliver a lifetime of happiness at the same time. The materials used with barely fade over time and simple maintenance will ensure the flowers remain lifelike for much longer than you could ever imagine. This masterpiece of floral arrangement will become a masterpiece you will never regret investing in.