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Make a floral masterpiece investment with the Branton, a head-turning display of lifelike phalaenopsis orchids prestigiously presented in a tall copper-tone urn vase atop a striking square pedestal. Elegantly arranged alongside a bed of contorted willow, orchid leaves, tillandsia and cascading amaranthus, this striking Demmery’s design makes an attractive feature in any size setting, with the passionate pink hue of the orchids set to spellbind.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Pedestal dimensions: H80cm x W36cm x D36cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 190cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

Pink orchid flowers on a pedestal immediately sounds classy before it is even seen. This floral pedestal display is more classy than perhaps any other in my collection. The bright, Fuchsia pink orchids with contorted willow and a waterfall of cascading amaranths is a site to behold. Set is a stunning copper coloured urn and then majestically placed on a square pedestal the entire arrangement demands attention.

The rich dark, almost golden browns of the copper urn and the pedestal glorify the rich green foliage and passionate pink flowers. This is no ordinary display of flowers on a pedestal, it is a masterpiece and something anyone will cherish. The arrangement can work for a large home or become a colourful and attractive feature in an office or public space. Despite its size the arrangement is surprisingly versatile.

I love these impressive arrangements; they are my pride and joy to make. This display of pink flowers on a pedestal is one that I get more satisfaction from than most. Hidden within the beautiful flowers is some special meaning that says we all deserve to feel special. This arrangement makes one smile at themself, I know it does with me, and that is magical

Like every product in the Demmerys range this floral pedestal arrangement is top quality. To become top quality nothing must be overlooked. The quality of each flower, each orchid in this case, starts with the right materials. My team selects only the very best flower making materials. We inspect and try new and improved materials all the time to produce even more lifelike plants and flowers. From the plants to the planters and even the pedestal, only the very best are selected.

Once selected the components and handcrafted to produce flowers and a display inspired by nature and created through passion. The final product is a colourful masterpiece that will provide a lifetime of joy through basic cleaning and maintenance. Because we only use the best materials you are assured of a lifetime of joy from this display.

Given as a gift or purchased on behalf of a company this display will bring joy and happiness to many people from years to come. This, in a way, is the Demmerys promise.