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Bring a breath of fresh air to décor spaces with the Ashton, a charming curation of lifelike long grass neatly showcased in a beautiful black Moscow ball planter. Whether you’re dressing a traditional room or accenting a contemporary interior scheme, this versatile Demmery’s botanic will fit right in, with its luxe and lush green aesthetic sure to bowl over your guests.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Dimensions: H55cm x W85cm x D85cm.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This stunning, simple and very lifelike display of grass in a Moscow Ball Planter is part of my collection of more versatile silk plants. It not as many would think anything like the make fake plastic plants often associated with artificial flowers but something far superior.

Part of the reason I adore this arrangement is its versatility on top of the crazy real as life looks. This arrangement, part of a wider collection of indoor silk plants, is perfect for office or home use. This plant is no plastic plant and brings a touch of nature wherever you choose to use it. It makes cute table or counter-top piece that will add class and style with ease.

I know for a fact that people will also come and brush their hands through this grass because they won't believe it is not real. When you tell someone that this display is artificial, they will not believe you as they have preconceived ideas of plastic plants. However, they will soon discover this is not real and even then they will now understand how.

The secret behind the amazing lifelike silk plants from Demmerys is simple. Every one of the plastic plants, well that is what some people call them, start out from the very best materials. At Demmerys we only use the finest materials to make the very best silk plants and flowers. This shows in the end product and is the reason why people see our work as an investment.

However, more than just high quality material that makes a Demmerys arrangement so special. This arrangement like every other in the collection is handmade. The time, effort and passion that goes into each piece makes each one as unique as nature herself.

This amazing lifelike like display is one of the many silk plants in my collection and will last more than a lifetime. Thanks to the high quality materials used the fresh green grass will not fade. With basic maintenance and regular dusting, like all my so-called plastic plants, this arrangement will bring years of enjoyment. It is the enjoyment given, and the smiles delivered that makes this plant so very special and once you own it you will understand why.