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Luxury Artificial White Orchids in Geo Cut Aluminium Vase


Using artificial white fresh touch orchids arranged with green pin protea, twigs, lotus pods and grass detailing set in a high-end geo cut aluminum elipse vase. We are sure you will agree that this artificial orchid arrangement ticks every box for a gift or for personal use in your home and is another show stopping centerpiece.

36 x 9 x 33(WxDxH cm).

Arrangement height: 50cm.
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Any interior designer will fall in love with these Luxury Artificial White Orchids in a Geo Cut Aluminium Vase. At just 50 cm tall this exquisite flower arrangement is one that certainly stands out in the Demmerys range.

Combining a draped white orchid with a green pin protea with lotus pods and some lifelike grass has created a really pretty work of art. The silver of the aluminium vase gives the arrangement a rather quirky 1930s look and the piece has surprising appeal. This is not your ordinary flower arrangement and yet it offers tremendous versatility serving many purposes.

These White Orchids in their Geo Cut Aluminium Vase was made to be something to be admired. No real shape or form was actually intended, the flowers and the vase just had to look stunning. Stunning is perhaps an understatement for this delicious work of home decor art as it really is something special to look at.

The floral component of the display look so delicate and lifelike that one almost dare not touch. The life the flora brings to the masterpiece of creative flower arranging can be felt by all senses, or rather imagined in some cases. The flowers breathe and the vase draws attention to the entire compilation making it irresistible to ignore. There is the hush, hush sense of tranquillity in the flowers and while vase creates a sense of dances from times gone by.

However, one looks at the arrangement of White Orchids in their Geo Cut Aluminium Vase the undeniable fact is that the flowers and the vase ooze quality. The realism in this masterpiece overflows and one instinctively knows that is something only Demmerys can produce. Close inspection will show that only the very best materials have been selected and used to make this vision come to life. The softness of the plants brings them to life and harshness of the vase elevate the life of the entire work of art. Only the best materials could ever produce a piece of this quality.

Made by hand this arrangement of White Orchids in a Geo Cut Aluminium Vase feels like it has been commissioned. This work of art is merely something that Demmerys produces each and every day, this is the norm rather than the exception. Carefully made by experienced flower making hands the real pleasure of this work of art really does come from the naturally haphazard compilation. This is a delight on the eye and one of the most original arrangements of orchids you will find anywhere in the UK