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Pair of Face Vases with Artificial Sword Grass


A unique bespoke pair of face large vases with UV protected sword grass that will never fade or discolour.

Stunning designer look displays.

Arrangment size: Height 60cm.

Free UK delivery within 48hours.

Artificial Sword Grass is not something everyone thinks of as being something stunning to look at, well not in a vase anyhow. Lawns can look stunning and fields of grass can make spectacular landscapes but grass in a vase just does not work. This pair of cream face vases with realistic sword grass in them changes the picture completely and proves grass in a vase does work.

These artistic, creative and humorous arrangements where the sword grass looks like green hair are part of the Demmerys collection one has to admire. These unusual, designer displays are sure to turn heads and will look amazing in a commercial or domestic setting. For someone who is really seeking the less than usual when it comes to floral decor these are the bees knees.

One may think that this arrangement is easy to create but strangely creating lifelike grasses is perhaps the most challenging flower making skill of all. The arrangement in this case starts with finding exceptional planters that make a statement. Demmerys will always use high quality vases for all displays but for grass one needs to be a little more choosey. The face vases used in this arrangement are perfect and really make this display what it is.

Producing the lifelike sword grass is something Demmerys knows how to produce and the secret is all in the materials used. Just as the vases are high quality, so the materials used to produce the grass are of the absolute best quality. Second grade materials would never permit the grass in these vases to come alive and thus time is taken to choose the perfect material. Grass is not just grass and thankfully, Demmerys know that.

To complete the fun and enjoyable arrangement the faces needed their grass hair the be properly dressed. Again this is not the job for amateurs and t requires many years of flower making experience to pull this off. Time is taken to arrange the sword grass in the vases, there is actually quite a lot of it, and slowly the masterpieces come to life.

All this quality means these masterpieces are exceptional in many ways and this is all part of the Demmerys promise. If we do not think these arrangements are satisfactory we will not let them out of the workshop. But these ones are and they will bring a lifetime of enjoyment to the one who owns them. The lifelike looks will remain so for many years to come and the grass will not fade as each blade is fully UV protected.

The UV protection, in a way, protects your investment and Demmerys is proud of this Pair of Face Vases with Sword Grass. Furthermore, these humorous flower arrangements come with a full money back guarantee and thus you never need to worry about your purchase.