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The Shenstone


Stage a dreamlike arrangement at home or work with the Shenstone, a simple but striking display with everlasting appeal. Perfect in both commercial and residential spaces, these beautiful white phalaenopsis orchid blooms exude signature Demmery’s artistry, with the moss, leaves and tall glass pot perfectly complementing for a definitive décor statement.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation, only 1 available.
  • Pot dimensions: H37cm x W20cm x D20cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 90cm.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

When it comes to orchids that look simply elegant with no frills Demmerys is the first place to look. This no-frills Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids in a Tall Black Pot is simple yet highly attractive. These lifelike flowers have both function and form giving them a versatility few other arrangements offer.

The clean lines of the fairly standard black pot create a canvass to display a true work of art that is orchids flowering above. The realistic looking flowers look kind and inviting yet do not scream out. This turns this simple piece of flower arrangement into one of the most contemporary pieces anyone could wish for. There is nothing fancy about the display, some may call it ordinary but hidden inside the petals and leaves of the lush flowers lies something beautiful. The beauty escapes with every glance and thus the enigma of this arrangement is created.

Above all this arrangement is a work of art, Demmerys is best known for making the ordinary look extraordinary to the point of exquisite. This masterpiece overflows with beauty and charm and yet is strangely subdued. It is a difficulty arrangement to truly define but once selected and placed wherever you choose its story will be told. The versatility and the subtlety of this arrangement makes it perfect for any home, office, showroom or hotel and in either place it will breathe life into the surroundings.

Beneath the simplicity of this creation lies the secret to its brilliance. Every tiny detail of this stunning arrangement is quality. The attention to detail is unmistakable and the this stems from choosing only the best materials to make the work of art. The finest silk makes the most natural petals one can imagine, leaves with small imperfections that make this look alive and other touches of foliage produced for only the best materials leave nothing to chance. The best materials create the lifelike looks and in turn fool the imagination into believing the flowers are alive.

This beauty would not be possible at all without the skilled hands to make it. The best flower makers in the UK have been used to make this simple yet elegant masterpiece and it shows. Each stem and petal has been crafted as nature intended and the arrangement itself has been creatively perceived. The choice of using the large black pot is the crown jewel in the entire piece, downplaying the grandeur and allowing the flowers to speak.

This arrangement, partly through its versatility , becomes more than just a vase of artificial phalaenopsis orchids. The flowers become a practical and beautiful investment that rewards the owner with a lifetime of happiness and nothing less.