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Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids in Glass Vase


Light green tall phalaenopsis orchids arranged in a round glass vase with leaves, moss and air roots.

Arrangement height 100cm.

Vase dimensions: 25 x 25cm.

Free UK delivery within 48hours.

From the impressive round glass planter to the tips of the perfect, lifelike petals this artificial phalaenopsis looks nothing like an ordinary arrangement of artificial orchids. One has to look very close to prove to themselves that this display is not real, and even then one has to pinch themself to believe it.

This artificial phalaenopsis is one of the most classy and sophisticated arrangements of artificial orchids in the entire Demmerys collection. It has all the charm needed to make a perfect addition to any home and bring happiness to a dining or living room. Likewise the arrangement adds a touch of professionalism and we mean business to any boardroom or busy office space. Equally the artificial phalaenopsis could become the ultimate welcome piece for a hotel of guest house.

Like all the artificial orchids Demmerys produce the versatility of the flowers is vast. The high quality of the flowers mean you will never be disappointed in the arrangement. This means this artificial phalaenopsis becomes something of value that will reward you and others for years to come.

None of this would be possible if it were not for the quality of the flowers. Quality at Demmerys sums up everything we do and this arrangement of artificial orchids epitomises that. Every petal, every stem and even the elegant glass planter is the best of the best. At Demmerys there is no such thing as second best, the best for us is the launch pad not something to aim for.

The best of the best applies to the flower makers that make our artificial orchids. This artificial phalaenopsis was made by some of the best flower makers in the UK who know how to make flowers look real. These flower makers cut no corners and they take their time to produce the most lifelike artificial orchids and other flowers anywhere in the UK.

The Demmerys promise is that our artificial orchids and flowers are the best and we back this up with outstanding levels of service. This is something we guarantee and this ensures these artificial orchids deliver more than just smiles; this artificial phalaenopsis delivers contentment for many years to come.