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Fresh touch white phalaenopsis orchids, orchid leaves, moss and arranged in a large round textured "Moscow" bowl Planter.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Arrangement height: 80cm.

Bowl diameter: 38cm.

Free UK delivery within 2 working days.

There are white artificial orchids and then there are white artificial orchids in pots. Whichever way you look at it, when it comes to orchids there is no such thing as fake orchids and this display of Phalaenopsis Orchids in a Round Black Planter demonstrates this point to perfection.

The careful selection of only the best, top quality materials to make the flowers along with equally high quality containers is what makes this display of white artificial flowers what it is. Yes, the fact that the arrangement contains white artificial orchids opposed to any other flower does make a difference.

Perhaps the white artificial orchids are what make white artificial orchids in pots so special, perhaps it is for the very same reason that these imitation orchids become investments not just display items.

Whatever anyone says, white artificial orchids, above any other white artificial flowers, are superior in all ways, and the realism of high quality luxury artificial orchids displays, arranged so naturally is what convinces so many that they cannot possibly be fake orchids. Only when up close is the illusion lost but take just one step back again and the illusion of reality is regained.