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Pink Hydrangeas in Black Glass Fishbowl Vase


Giant pink mix hydrangeas arranged in a large black glass fishbowl vase.

Arrangement dimensions: H35cm x Dia35cm.

Free UK delivery within 48hours.

This arrangement of artificial pink hydrangeas is something everyone will love and enjoy. It is simple yet elegant, pretty yet practical and has a certain something that will always make you smile.

At Demmerys, we are in the business of making people smile and this arrangement of artificial pink hydrangeas in a black glass fishbowl vase is a perfect example of how we do it. Just a quick glance and this elegant and charming little display of artificial hydrangeas will bring a smile to your face and we know it.

It has taken a number of years to get to the point where we know how to make something as simple a bowl of artificial hydrangeas make you smile. The way we do it has not changed since the day we started making the best artificial flowers on the market. It all starts with the aim of doing things above average and when it comes to artificial pink hydrangeas you will agree we are far from average.

The lifelike and snowball-soft look comes from using the best quality materials. We don't choose second best because there is no such thing. Our flowers are only made with high quality silk and wires to ensure absolute perfection in every product we make. Even the planters and vases are specially chosen from high class suppliers, at Demmerys we don't cut corners. All this ensures a even a simple arrangement of artificial hydrangeas looks real and is perfect.

Because quality is not even questioned these arrangement of artificial pink hydrangeas becomes more than just a bowl of flowers. With all the pride, care and attention put into the arrangement a humble bowl of artificial hydrangeas becomes a masterpiece. When purchased, this masterpiece becomes an investment and that is where the happiness factor kicks in.

Happiness is the deliverable of this amazing display of flowers. However, it is not just a handful of smiles that become the reward for a short period time as fresh flowers deliver. With simple maintenance and good care, these pretty flowers will last a lifetime, more in some cases. The high quality flowers never fade and they look as fresh as the day they were cut for years on end. If you are looking for something special that delivers more happiness than many can imagine, this display of artificial hydrangeas is a great place to start.