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Add unique depth and character to any living or commercial space with the Muckley, a simple yet statement arrangement of premium phalaenopsis orchids, perfectly accented with fine leaves and moss. Elegantly contrasted by its black glass fishbowl vase, this bespoke Demmery’s brings a contemporary colour pop to rooms, with its bright magenta hue certain to invite compliments.

      • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
      • Fishbowl diameter: 25cm.
      • Overall arrangement dimensions: H67cm x W62cm.
      • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

Black and Pink go extremely well together, it is a classic combination that is undeniably stunning. The colours are timeless and yet always have the ability to say something new. This arrangement of Pink Orchids in a Glass Vase do just that.

The black fishbowl glass vase really makes this display of orchids look impressive. The solid black base creates an image of stability that makes this arrangement more impressive than the average orchid arrangement. That is just it, this arrangement like all the orchids we produce are not average. Average is not worth producing and ordinary is, well, just ordinary.

The fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids in this stunning display look so alive, they are far from ordinary. The deep pink that borders being purple captures the imagination and leaves a person perplexed because they look so lifelike. The fresh green leaves look realistic too and the whole piece just breathes life. This is truly a masterpiece in manmade orchid creation.

A masterpiece of floral decor is what this contemporary piece truly is. It is perfect for home or commercial use and wherever it is used and displayed it is sure to delight. Each petal looks so fresh and the whole plant looks as if it needs to be watered. It is the fact the orchids are not real that makes this display so special.

Each flower is handmade using the only the best materials. By using only the very best materials the pink orchids in their wonderful black vase almost talk. The flowers tell a story or sorts and welcome every glance with happiness making anyone smile with absolute ease. The petals are made from the very best silk to create a look and feel that separates these orchids from others on the market.

Even the canes used to support the beautiful flowers top quality and it shows. The arrangement comes close to luxurious but refrains from being so bold thus becoming a practical as well as beautiful piece of art. The flower arrangement has been designed to look real and even impressive but it must never look or feel overstated.

This is a masterpiece that any flower lover will enjoy. The flowers look so lifelike and because the arrangement is made from the finest materials the freshness will last a lifetime. The flowers will barely fade over time and the arrangement itself will remain timeless. The display could well find a variety of homes over the years to come and there is nothing wrong with that. Overall the arrangement will satisfy any owner, deliver smiles and happiness and become something that is loved and cherished for a lifetime or more.