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Fresh touch hot pink phalaenopsis orchids arranged in a white glass round bowl with succulents and white hydrangea sedum.

Arrangement height: 75cm.

Diameter: 38cm.

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Fake Pink Orchids always look impressive and when placed in almost formal white glass bowl they look even more so. The pink orchids in this arrangement truly stand out and their lifelike good looks make a person stop and stare.

This arrangement of Hot Pink Orchids in White Glass Bowl is another truly versatile arrangement of flowers from Demmerys. The versatility of the arrangement lies in its simplistic form that lets the flowers do the talking. Pink orchids in a bed of fresh green foliage, succulents with realistic white hydrangea sounds a lot to consider but it works. The green separates the white bowl from the hot pink petals. The arrangement breathes life and flows with absolute quality.

Quality is the trademark in floral decor that separates Demmerys from the rest. The best is the point of departure not the end of the line and it shows. This is easily achieved and this arrangement shows it perfectly. Every part of this wonderfully hot arrangement of pink orchids has been manufactured using the very best flower making materials. With no compromise on quality arrangements such as these stunning pink orchids become the norm not the exception.

To continue and fully ensure that this and every arrangement meets the exacting standards Demmerys sets the only the best flower makers are used. Flowers made to the standards that Demmerys demands are made by touch and feel more than anything. Being able to make a flower that is equally as alive as the real thing takes years of practice and this shows in each masterpiece produced.

This first class arrangement of hot pink orchids in a white glass bowl is so well made it will look amazing anywhere. It is quite tall and therefore demands a little bit of space, but the space is placed in will be filled with colour and life. The pink flowers will look equally amazing in any home, office, hotel or showroom. They ooze style and really do fill their space with energy.

The great thing about this and every other arrangement from Demmerys lays in the perfection. The attention to detail and the passion poured into the flowers turns them into more than just another flower arrangement or piece of floral decor. This particular piece with the lifelike pink orchids becomes an investment piece that will pay handsomely over the years to come.

Because the absolute best materials have been used the flowers will remain looking fresh and alive for countless years to come. Flower making materials have improved drastically in the last few years and the colours will barely fade, even in bright sunlight. This increases the investment value as smile after smile will be delivered every time someone comes into the proximity of the orchids that demand absolute attention from anyone.

Don't forget, as will every Demmerys arrangement, this piece comes with a money back guarantee to ensure you are 100% happy!