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Pink & White Orchids in Silver Shell


Artificial pink and white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids arranged in a silver Bamburgh aluminum shell vase.

Arrangement height: 95cm. Width 100cm.

Shell dimensions: H46cm W60.

Free UK delivery within 3 working days.

Also available with white orchids.

These are no ordinary faux flowers. This display of pink and white orchids is something anyone will cherish and something that will bring a touch of class wherever they are displayed. These are what can only be described as luxury fake flowers.

Luxury and fake are generally two words that do not go together. However with this elegant display of faux flowers they really do and they deserve to. These luxury fake flowers from the Demmerys collection really stand out and the realism of the flowers is only part of what makes them so special.

This is a display that can turn any suburban home into a palace with ease. The silver planter elevates the pink and white orchids to a point that few luxury fake flowers can or will ever reach. The faux flowers are beyond elegant and this sizeable piece is a true master piece that anyone will enjoy.

But if you wish to add some class to a boardroom or reception area, luxury fake flowers such as these can really be magical. The piece radiates warmth, joy and welcomes staff and visitors with a smile. This arrangement may well be the piece that closes the biggest business deal you have ever signed.

What if you own a small hotel? If you want to elevate your small hotel from a 3 star guest house to having a 5 star feel, these faux flowers will work wonders. Luxury fake flowers such as this display will add some real charm and elegance to any reception or lobby to create a special feeling for all your guests.

Underneath this amazing arrangement lays the Demmerys dedication to producing the very best faux flowers. Using only the very best materials each flower, each petal and every stem is destined to look lifelike and real. Crafted in the most experienced hands of some of the best flower makers in the UK you are assured of quality. The end result is a display of luxury fake flowers that will bring joy, happiness and contentment to many people for many years to come. All this turns these flowers into an investment piece that you and many other will love and cherish for a lifetime or more.