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Premium Artificial Orchid Display in Silver Bowl


Fresh touch artificial orchids, leaves and a large succulent arranged in an aluminum silver Bamburgh footed bowl.

Arrangement height: 75cm.

All our arrangements are bespoke and handmade to order please allow 5 working days for delivery.

Just the phrase alone sounds perfect when it comes to orchids. Premium Artificial Orchid Display in Silver Bowl, it sounds so simple, so beautiful and fills the mind with images of one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. If you hear the words then this amazing display of the finest orchids is perhaps what you see in your mind.

This arrangement is luxurious thanks to the very classy silver vase and yet classical thanks to the simplicity of the design. All complexity has been forgotten and nothing has been done to try and enhance what it naturally perfect. Sometimes, just leaving things as they are and presenting them is an elegant manner creates a masterpiece of design that anyone and everyone will appreciate. Demmerys have more the pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat with this one and these orchids are more than superb.

These White Orchids in a Silver Bowl are explicitly beautiful and so lifelike that one will be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The natural look of these flowers is so close to real that the mind plays tricks and places a fragrance in the air. This arrangement is pure Demmerys magic and is a master class of flower decoration production.

To get the standards that this stunning arrangement represents quality has to be the foremost objective and nothing must hinder the path. The absolute best materials must be used to make each tiny component and there can be no exception. Each petal, each lush green leaf and even the canes that support the flowers have to be the very best. Failing the best the arrangement will not even begin to be made, that is how fussy Demmerys is.

Just as the materials are the very best for this arrangement of White Orchids in a Silver Bowl, so the flower makers that weave them are absolute masters. The flower makers at Demmerys only know how to make the finest, most real and most stunning flower arrangements. This how the reputation of being the leading floral decor producer in the UK has come about. Quality is the only thing Demmerys understands and this arrangement is living proof of that.

With quality not being toned down at any point the final product is always something magnificent with Demmerys. Every arrangement of flowers becomes a masterpiece and this makes ever display and worthwhile investment. The flowers will barely fade, this particular piece will remain stylish and never grow out of date. Simple maintenance secures the investment made in these orchids as the flowers will look alive and fresh for many years to come.

This arrangement is an absolute winner and of course the Money Back Guarantee applies to this and every Demmerys purchase.