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Purple Vanda Orchid in Flame Vase


Fresh touch purple vanda orchid plant set in a gold flame vase.

Flower head diameter 8cm.

Arrangement height: 50cm.

Free UK delivery delivered within 2 working days.

Elegance and beauty are combined in this Purple Vanda Orchid in Flame Vase arrangement. The purple artificial orchids complimented by an elegant gold vase create an almost priceless work of art.

Using only the best, handpicked materials to produce high quality artificial flowers this arrangement stands out. Each stem, each leaf and each petal is careful produced to create an artificial flower arrangement that somehow stands out from all others. The care and attention put into this wonderful arrangement flow from raw passion and powerful imaginations bringing something so lifelike together.

Anyone can stick some purple artificial flowers into a jar or box and create something but few can produce an investment piece that will be cherished for years to come by countless people. The real beauty of artificial flowers lays in the sustainability of the flowers; with basic regular maintenance, this arrangement will bring joy and happiness for many years to come remaining healthy and fresh all the time.

Don't be fooled, this superb arrangement looks very real, even Mother Nature herself will have to get up close to see for sure. This Purple Vanda Orchid in a Flame Vase is truly something special and something anyone who loves flowers, artificial or otherwise will surely adore.