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Put your interior space in the spotlight with the Bradley, a jaw-droppingly impressive display of premium purple vanda orchids showcased in a trio of handmade black glass pillar vases. Perfectly accented with orchid leaves and green amaranthus, this Demmery’s work of art can be styled together or independently, with its tall stature set to heighten your décor’s appeal.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Overall arrangement height: 95cm.
  • Overall full display width: 3ft.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

Purple and black always go well together and whether you choose to purchase one, two or all three of these Purple Artificial Vanda Orchids in their Pillar Vases you will not go wrong. These purple orchids in their tall black vases are truly magnificent and they deserve to be the centre of attention.

The brilliant purple flowers arranged with lifelike orchid leaves and fresh green amaranthus look spectacular and scream look at me. While this is so on one hand they are tremendously subtle on the other making them a fine piece to display almost anywhere. A home will be given a touch of class with the elegance of these displays. An office will be made bright and colourful with just the hint for formal. A car showroom will look amazing beyond belief.

These Purple Vanda Orchids in their black Pillar Vases is an arrangement Demmerys are proud of. The entire arrangement is top quality with a touch of elegance and luxury. The flowers have been produced with amazement in mind and it shows. Each flower looks alive and the black vases emphasise this in a way that seems impossible to imagine. These purple orchids are more than desirable, in fact at Demmerys we struggled to let pieces like this leave our workshop.

These flowers have been made from the absolute finest materials. The distinctive tall, black pillar vases are handmade from quality glass and these immediately stand out. But the flowers in the display have also been made form only the very best flower making materials. Nothing has been left to chance in this arrangement and thus Demmerys has searched far and wide to source the best materials. The finest silk, handmade vases and even the greenery is better than the best, Demmerys promise quality and Demmerys always deliver on a promise.

To ensure the best quality flowers such as these Purple Vanda Orchids in Pillar Vases are produced time and again the best flower makers are used. Demmerys has the most skilled and experienced flower makers in the UK and the very best were used to make these. These really are one of the absolute favourites in the Demmerys collection.

These stunning flowers are more than just flowers, they are a work of art. Like many works of art this arrangement is also an investment that will pay off richly over time. The high quality flowers will hardly fade over time and the vases will ensure the arrangement remains in style for many years, this added to the value. These flowers will pay you back over many years with many happy smiles and if that is what you get then these flowers have done their job.