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Silver aluminium Bamburgh shell desgned vase arranged with masses of vanilla grass.

Arrangement dimensions: H35cm x W65cm x D40cm..

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How does one describe this in words? This is an artificial grass plant that surpasses any other because it is so very impressive. This takes fake grass in pots to a completely new level of class and quality and it has every right to do so.

This is an artificial grass plant that has been elevated from a humble turf to a royal engagement. The choice of deep green vanilla grass over any other adds a touch of class that no other grass can. The silver Bamburgh shell vase destroys all impressions of fake grass in pots. The end result is pure elegance that will turn any home or office into a place fit for a king or queen.

Like every arrangement made by Demmerys this display begins by choosing the very best materials to work with. If ordinary or mediocre materials were to be used this display would look like any other artificial grass plant. It would have nothing special about it at all. Everything used in this arrangement is the best, including the aluminium vase.

Once the perfect materials and the ideal planter have been chosen it is time to make something that is much more than just another display of fake grass in pots. Each blade of grass in this elegant display is made my hand. Following a blueprint supplied by nature no two blades of grass are entirely identical. It is this that ensures this display is as lifelike as it is. The attention to detail along with the time and effort put into this arrangement is what makes it an investment not just some grass in a bowl.

This superb example of Demmerys craftsmanship is one of our most popular pieces. It is one of the most luxurious arrangements in the entire collection and is the king of all the fake grass in pots. This arrangement is no ordinary artificial grass plant and it is indeed a masterpiece.

This is a masterpiece that will give years of enjoyment. With simple maintenance and general good this amazing display will give a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment. I also know that this will not be a display that is only brought out on special occasions, it will breathe elegance into any room or space every single day.