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Embrace a luxuriously refined floral look with the Cadbury, a beautiful display of phalaenopsis white orchids elegantly presented in a black patterned oval planter. Nestled among a complementing arrangement of leaves, moss and trailing succulents, this unique Demmery’s design is perfect for accenting both personal and professional spaces, with its lifelike appearance bringing a new dimension to décor.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Overall arrangement height: 90cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This arrangement that stands at 90cm tall is another superfluous example of the finest flower making in the UK from Demmerys. Every piece about this black and white masterpiece is perfect and it all looks so very lifelike. The flowers breathe and fill their space with energy while the planter makes a bold statement of look here. The leaves the most that form the base of the flowers are of such quality that one really would feel they need to be watered daily.

There is very little about this arrangement that anyone can dislike and even with its large size it is a very versatile display. These White Orchids in their Black oval planter would look graceful and elegant in any home, office or other commercial space. Even a hotel lobby and reception area would be filled with luxury thanks to this amazing arrangement. The flowers look so real and the energy is so powerful that one would struggle to believe the flowers were no real.

To produce such quality flowers Demmerys focuses on quality using the best as the starting point in the manufacturing process and growing from there. To achieve the outstanding realism in these orchids and plants on the very best flower making materials must be used. Even the wires underneath the stems are higher quality than the average artificial plant. To ensure rigidity and to be able to be contorted at the right angle only the best wire will work. Each petal is produced from the finest materials and the blac24planter has been carefully selected from a range of first class suppliers.

All the quality items are pieced together by gifted flower makers who more than understand their craft. The team at Demmerys thrive on fooling people with their realistic flowers and the time, patience and passion that goes into making each flower pays off.

This arrangement of lifelike orchids is more than just a bunch of flowers in a vase. This first class display is nothing short of a masterpiece and is truly a work of art that will be admired for a lifetime or more. Simple maintenance and general good care will ensure these flowers bring happiness for many years to come. This turns this masterpiece into more than a work of art and makes is a priceless investment that pays off with nothing but pure joy.