The Clegg


Birds of paradise, purple calla lily, with palm leaves set in acrylic water using a tall glass cylinder shaped vase.

  • Total arrangement height: 90cm.
  • The complete arrangement set in the vase.
  • Dusting brush included.
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Calla Lily

Referring to the Greek word “beautiful” rarely has a flower had so many different names as the calla lily. The flower also has many different symbols as well as names including beauty, purity and innocence. Read More

Birds of paradise

Introducing one of the most spectacular and impactful flowering plants native to tropical and semi-tropical zones is the Strelitzia otherwise known as the bird of paradise. Read More

Palm leaves

Nothing gets the mind-boggling about a desert island retreat like palm trees do. Depending on the variety palm trees can last up to 100 years old. Read More

Artificial bird of paradise arrangement
The Clegg
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