The Kolisi


Revitalise your interior scheme with the Kolisi, a captivating curation of artificial fuchsia calla lilies and lush sansaveriera.

Lifelike to the eye and fresh to the touch, this handcrafted Demmery’s is beautifully styled in a cylindrical glass vase with acrylic for an authentic water effect. Atop your table top or shelf set-up, this delightful accent is sure to dazzle any onlooker.

Overall arrangement height: 85cm.


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Calla Lily

Referring to the Greek word “beautiful” rarely has a flower had so many different names as the calla lily. The flower also has many different symbols as well as names including beauty, purity and innocence. Read More


Beware sansevieria, aka mother in laws tongue or snake plant, pretty much sums this house plant up. Read More

Artificial calla lily flowers in glass vase
The Kolisi