The Springbok


Introduce a contemporary colour splash to your scheme with the Springbok, a mesmerising display comprising a selection of lifelike tropical flora.

Perfectly set in a tall glass cylinder-shaped vase, this bespoke Demmery’s spotlights birds of paradise, ginger torch, heliconia and red anthuriums set in acrylic water for an enhanced effect. The result? An arresting showcase that can’t be ignored.

Overall arrangement height: 105cm.


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Birds of paradise

Introducing one of the most spectacular and impactful flowering plants native to tropical to semi-tropical zones is the Strelitzia otherwise known as the bird of paradise. Read More

Ginger torch

Grown throughout tropical South East Asia for the spectacular flowers and for food, the spectacular ginger torch is native to Malesia, a biogeographical region incorporating Indo-Malaysia and Australasia. Read More


The Heliconia Rostrata is also known as hanging lobster claw or the false bird of paradise. It is a perennial native to Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Read More

Red anthuriums

A native of central and South America, red anthuriums are a beautiful flower that can grow indoors or outdoors. Read More