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Invite a hint of exotica into your home or workspace with the Lozell, an energising array of tropical flowers creatively arranged in a contrasting black high-gloss planter. An original Demmery’s, this vibrant display showcases a collection of lifelike florals including phalaenopsis orchids, ginkgo foliage, calla lily, venus fly trap, moss and fatsia foliage, for a statement masterpiece that mesmerises.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Dimensions: H80cm x D45cm.
  • Free dusting brush
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This Artificial Tropical Flowers Arrangement with Venus Fly Trap is one of the most complex yet beautiful arrangement one can lay their eyes on. The orange artificial flowers that add spots of colour in this display echo the charm of islands in the sun filling any room with sheer joy all year round.

Unlike living indoor plants, indoor artificial plants come with an added bonus. These truly lifelike flowers in high a high quality black vase require little maintenance for them to last and last. A simple wipe with a cloth is normally all they need to ensure they look as fresh as the day they were cut.

There is nothing fake looking in this amazing display unlike many indoor artificial flowers and plants so easily do by trying too hard to look real. With this arrangement, quality is found thanks to only the very best quality materials being used in the manufacturing process. With so much care and attention put into the finished article it is no wonder that it soon becomes and investment piece that lasts for multiple lifetimes and you will laugh at how many hours are wasted hoping the venus fly trap will actually eat a fly two and never will.