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Artificial Tropical Flowers in a Tall Black Vase


Bird of paradise (strelitzia), protea, guz mania, phalaenopsis orchids and bamboo are used in this large design set in a high gloss black vase.

All the flowers and foliage in this arrangement are real touch products.

Arrangement height: 95cm.

Widest point: 55cm.

When you look at this artificial flower arrangement what do you see ? Yes you will see the most wonderful display of orange and green you have ever seen. But, more than that, you will see and feel luxury artificial flowers.

This impressive arrangement of luxury artificial flowers include some of the most lifelike flowers you will find. It is one of the most brilliant of all artificial flower arrangements with Bird of Paradise, orchids and bamboo. To add to the this a protea is tucked in and the dark green leaves give the true feeling of luxury artificial flowers.

The large black vase gives this display plenty of height. The tallness of this this piece makes it stand out among other artificial flower arrangements. It is the height that makes this a true display of luxury artificial flowers and at Demmerys, we know you will love this piece.

Like all out artificial flower arrangements, this arrangement of luxury artificial flowers starts out with quality in mind. Quality for us is not a destination but a foundation. These flowers are made from the very best flower making materials sourced from the very best suppliers. There is not room for anything less than the best because anything less would make the entire piece look false.

Falseness and fakeness are two things we do not want at Demmerys, especially with luxury artificial flowers. Because of this, and the same is true with all out artificial flower arrangements, we only use the best flower makers to make our plants. Every flower, every petal and stem is hand made. It takes time and patience to create the realism Demmerys insists on. The passion and love that our flower makers put into all out artificial flower arrangements is self evident.

With all this, our artificial flower arrangements become investment pieces. Our flowers become luxury artificial flowers that will last a lifetime. The best flowers, made by the best hands using the best materials need limited maintenance. This limited maintenance will see these flowers last a lifetime and deliver countless hours of happiness and eternal days of smiles. The flowers are beautiful, they are tropical and they could be yours.

At Demmerys we only provide the best that is why we have our money back guarantee. Nothing leaves our workshop unless we are happy. If we happy we know you will be.