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Bird of paradise, pin cushion protea, anthurium and real touch oriental green phalaenopsis orchids, and lush foliages arranged in a black textrured moscow ball shaped planter.

All Demmerys designs are unique, exclusive and handmade to order.

Overall arrangement height: 90cm.

Free UK delivery within 5 working days.

If you have ever asked where can I buy artificial flowers you are now in the right place. This arrangement of Tropical Flowers in a Black ball Planter is one of the best examples of luxury artificial flowers you will find anywhere because it uses the highest quality flowers, all made by hand from select materials, possible.

This Tropical Flowers in a Black ball shaped Planter is an arrangement where the green artificial flowers stand out among some normally fairly ostentatious Bird of Paradise. The arrangement is on the most creative displays of flowers one could look for and when it comes to luxury artificial flowers it is a real winner.

An arrangement such as this will last a very long time, losing little of its fresh looks and causing people to more than just take a second glance because of the quality of product. One can buy artificial flowers just about anywhere but finding something that is so much more than just a pretty display is the challenge.

From the high quality black ball shaped planter all the way through the abundance of green artificial flowers and up the very top of the lifelike bird of paradise this arrangement oozes quality. It is more than just a display of flowers; it is something to cherish that becomes an investment and one that brings joy each and every day it is seen.