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Introduce of ray of sunshine to your interiors with the Tame, a handcrafted display of beautiful dancing orchids and bird of paradise. Stylishly arranged alongside various foliage in a large textured Moscow ball planter, this vibrant Demmery’s naturally commands attention, with its lively orange, green and yellow hues set to brighten and enlighten your décor.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation, only 1 available.
  • Overall arrangement height: 75cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

This arrangement of silk tropical flowers is one of the most authentic silk flower arrangements you will find. Set in a textured Moscow ball the entire arrangement looks cool and fresh. The subtle shine of the planter gives the impression that the real life flowers have just been drenched with a tropical shower. The colours flow with a tropical fragrance that somehow appears in your mind and the flowers look more than alive.

At Demmerys I am so proud that my flowers look alive. I am at my absolute happiest when someone does not believe me when I tell them that these are silk flower arrangements not real flowers. I encourage them, as I do you, to get up close and see for yourself just how unreal my real flowers are. Only once up almost microscopically, can one tell these tropical flowers are not real.

The entire secret lies in providing quality. No corners are cut in the production of these Tropical Flowers in a Moscow Ball Planter. Only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture the most authentic flowers you will ever find. Every stem, every leaf and every petal is made for carefully selected material. The material must have every quality needed to make flowers so real that even mother nature will be fooled.

But it is not just the high quality materials that make such real flowers. It takes a lot of skill with an eye for detail to make something as delicate and perfect as these flowers. Every element is hand woven and hand crafted using nature as a guide. If the flower does not end up looking lifelike in any aspect it fails quality control and it is rejected. In nature only the strong survive, the same is true with Demmerys.

The real beauty of silk flower arrangements such as these is that they last a lifetime. All the effort put into making them is not wasted. Simple, regular maintenance keeps the flowers looking fresh for years to come and thus the investment pays off in happiness and joy. It is a simple equation, hard work + love + quality = happiness. With my arrangements that happiness can be squared or even cubed over time such is the joy these flowers bring.