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Vanda Orchids In Black Glass Vase


Artificial premium fresh touch white Vanda orchid arranged with leaves set in a handmade tall black cylinder glass vase.

Arrangement height: 75cm.

Handmade to order and delivered within 3 working days.

The Vanda Orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. It is a more upright plant than the conventional orchid and has an exquisite shape and form all of its own. The superb floral work of art from Demmerys uses a White Artificial Vanda Orchids in Black Glass Vase to deliver a masterpiece of beauty.

The slender black vase works so well with the upright Vanda orchid creating an enigmatic feel to this quality floral arrangement. The green leaves create just enough width and added body to complete the masterpiece that would look elegant in any surrounding. Lifelike looks of the arrangement will set this piece apart from any other arrangement.

One of the things that really stands out about this arrangement is the versatility within it. This White Vanda Orchid in Black Glass Vase can become utilitarian or purely decorative, it really is that practical and beautiful. The quality of this masterpiece lends itself to the practicality, whilst the plant can be used to hide something it also draws attention where attention is needed.

At the heart things Demmerys produced this work of art with enjoyment in mind. The arrangement sings out tranquillity, calm and peace and fills the space it stands in with a unique energy that only an orchid can. Creating a floral arrangement with a purpose to be enjoyed is where Demmerys excels and this and every creation always delivers without fail.

The achieve unfailing perfection takes experience and experience has taught Demmerys a lot over the last few years. This arrangement sticks to the golden rule at Demmerys and only utilises the best materials in its manufacture. The tall black vase is hand made by one of the most trusted suppliers worldwide. The flowers and foliage and made from the finest silk and top quality flower making materials. There is no room for anything other than the best and the extra cost upfront really pays of in the finished product.

Created and pieced together by expert flower makers the craftsmanship put into this arrangement of a White Vanda Orchid in Black Glass Vase clearly shows. Diligence, creativity and passion overflow into the floral masterpiece and in turn beauty and charm are redirected back to those who view the flowers. Every piece of the arrangement from the materials to the labour is all top quality.

All this quality delivers what Demmerys is becoming famous for, and arrangements such as this are growing in demand. It well known that the quality floral decor from Demmerys is flawless and more than lifelike and thus becomes an investment. To add to this the flowers last a lifetime and deliver happiness and enjoyment for countless years to come.