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White Calla Lilies in Glass Vase


White calla lilies arranged in a glass vase and set with resin for a natural looking water effect.

Arrangement Height: 36cm.

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Can you tell the difference between a real calla lily and an artificial calla lily The vast majority of people will tell you they can because artificial lilies look fake. The truth is the vast majority of people are more than fooled.

This display of lilies in a glass vase looks so lifelike. It looks so lifelike because it is made using only the very best materials. The best materials combined with expert craftsmanship bring everything together. With an eye for detail and clever imagination with some trickery cast a spell over this display that cannot be denied.

The trickery, what trickery? you may well ask but these are artificial lilies not real. The realism comes through the trickery of fake water. Look closely there is no fragrance but closer still, you will see the water is resin.

This display of white Calla lilies in a glass vase is one of the most exceptional pieces. With careful maintenance it will last forever. As it makes people smile every day, the arrangement becomes an investment that rewards you with happiness.

If you believe you can tell the difference between fake and real flowers, think again and be amazed.