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Take your décor to new levels of sophistication with the Hatherton, a luxurious curation of premium phalaenopsis orchids in white, beautifully accented with orchid leaves, twigs, grass and moss. Perfect for adding interest to bare consoles and table settings, this magnetic Demmery’s catches the eye in effortless ways, with its bronze antique-like metal footed planter lending a vintage accentuation.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation, only 1 available.
  • Planter base diameter: 15cm.
  • Overall arrangement dimensions: H75cm x W68cm (widest point).
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

If you are looking for a superb display of luxury orchids that can just be conventional decor or act as a centrepiece then this is the display you need. Demmerys has produced a masterpiece in this outstanding arrangement of White Orchids in an Antique Planter. This is an arrangement of flowers that will mesmerise anyone who catches a glance and trap them in a happy, dreamy place.

The bronze planter has a sense of a time gone by and helps create the atmosphere for this remarkable display of excellent orchids. The bronze seeps into the dark green leaves, twigs and moss to create a foundation for the impressive orchids to rise from. Reaching up to tips the petals of the orchids beg a person to open their eyes and not just see them but fall into them. The entire arrangement is an amazing and even audacious display of the work that Demmerys are sound proud to produce.

This arrangement has every right to be classed a luxury arrangement. It will not be everyone's cup of tea as it has a certain something about it. However the versatility of this arrangement of White Orchids in an Antique Planter is still there. Used at home as decor or in a lounge or living room, in a boardroom or executive office or in a show room the flowers have massive appeal. Hotels lobbies in particular, especially those looking for extend their class and quality will benefit from this arrangement of lifelike orchids.

The one thing that truly stands out in this outstanding arrangement of orchids is the quality. Demmerys believe that every arrangement they produce must be of exceptional quality and nothing less. This arrangement is living proof of that quality is the foundation for flower making and something Demmerys are the masters at.

The very best materials are used to make these exquisite flowers. The finest silks make the petals live, breathe and almost sing. The finest materials are used to make the foliage, twigs and moss that create the lush, almost wet, base. Then of course comes the planter and the bronze planter used in this arrangement is outstanding. Nothing is second best as second best will never work.

The orchids are made by the best hands in the flower making industry. Because they are made form the best materials they will last a lifetime or longer. All this means that these White Orchids in their Antique Planter become and investment piece that you and others will cherish for many years.

Dont forget, that every Demmerys masterpiece comes with a full money back guarantee. But we know you will like them as we did not even want them to leave our workshop as we loved them so much.