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White fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids with orchid leaves, succulents, ferns and moss arranged in a large aluminium champagne cooler with large ring handles.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Handmade, bespoke and unique design Overall height: 100cm.

Cooler Dimensions: H: 340mm W: 540mm D: 460mm

Free UK delivery 3-5 working days.


This impressive display of White Orchids in a silver champagne cooler is an arrangement that stands out among all others. The esteem of the lifelike orchids is perfectly complemented by the high-quality planter with the silver metal uplifting the brilliant white of the flowers. This display is in a class of its own and is something that will superb in any residential or commercial setting.

This lifelike display of orchids is made to extremely high standards using only the very best materials. The quality of the materials matched with the quality of the workmanship guarantees that this flower arrangement will last an extremely long time. People will glance at this magnificent arrangement for years to come, and many will believe it is a living orchid plant.

Set is a bed of lush green foliage and ferns the entire arrangement draws the eye and attracts attention. This elegant arrangement is a real work of art and because it is more than just a flower arrangement it becomes an investment that will give a lifetime of pleasure rewarded with smiles and happiness.