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Artificial white premium fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids arranged with leaves moss, dianthus and contorted willow set in a vintage style aluminium high-end champagne cooler.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Arrangement ht: 80cm wd: 50cm.

Cooler dimensions ht:24cm dia:24cm

If you are planning a wedding, you will love this arrangement of perfectly fresh artificial white orchids. If you own a car show room and want to make your cars look a little more impressive these artificial white flowers will work wonders.

This truly special arrangement of artificial white orchids in a supremely high quality champagne bucket is a Demmerys masterpiece. It is not perhaps the average arrangement of artificial white flowers that will sit on home mantelpiece or windowsill. It is nonetheless, something of absolute beauty and grace.

With the word Champagn engraved on the bucket, one automatically feels the thrill of a celebration. The perfection of the artificial white flowers embrace the moment like nothing else and this makes you smile. The entire piece from the shiny silver to the gentle artificial white orchids puts a smile on anyones face.

This is a Demmerys piece of workmanship that demonstrates the attention detail others may forget. These artificial white flowers are made from the finest imported silks and the best wires, pins and buttons. There is no space for anything other than the best. If second grade was used the superb artificial white orchids would show it and you would not be happy.

The arrangement has been carefully thought through; orchids were used above any other artificial white flowers because they themselves are elegant. The white artificial orchids are perfectly arranged in the silver champagne bucket that is in turn given a polish. All this to brings this stunning arrangement to life.

Happiness is the result and these artificial white flowers soon become something you cherish and adore. The smiles that flow from this arrangement soon tell you that this is no ordinary arrangement of artificial white orchids. The smiles are the return on your investment from buying the very best from Demmerys and that is something we cherish.

These amazing flowers will last more than a lifetime and even with this one must never forget that Demmerys cares. Because of this we have a 100% money back guarantee, this brings absolute peace of mind. But we know you wont need it because this arrangement is made to perfection with your satisfaction being the only point at which we allow the flowers to leave our workshop.