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White Orchids in a Large Glass Vase


Artificial white fresh touch orchids with leaves and moss arranged in large glass cylinder vase from our distinctive interiors collection.

Arrangement height: 84cm.

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This large orchid arrangement is one of the most classical arrangements in the Demmerys collection. This is one of the most ornate of silk orchid arrangements in the collection, the white flowers complemented by the Glass Vase.

As a large orchid arrangement, this piece stands at 84 cm tall. There are silk orchid arrangements and then there are silk orchid arrangements and this one is top notch. The quality of the entire display in immediately clear and the creativity shown in the piece overflows.

The distinctive interiors collection has a number of super silk orchid arrangements and this is one of the more impressive. The lifelike flowers and lush green leaves look so natural in the large orchid arrangement as it stands in the large glass vase. One would be forgiven for believing the flowers are real and not at all fake.

The realism in every petal and leaf is part of what makes Demmerys the leading authority on silk orchid arrangements. It has taken many years to get to the point where every artificial flower arrangement, including this large orchid arrangement looks alive. The Demmerys promise is that this plant will look alive and we know it will breathe life into any space it is displayed in.

As a large orchid arrangement with a regal touch, this display is perfect for home or business use. This is one of those silk orchid arrangements that will happily take pride of place in a hallway or living room in the home or in a boardroom or reception in an office. Likewise, because of its low maintenance this piece is perfect for hotels.

Overall this large orchid arrangement lives and breathes and is very much an investment piece. Unlike many cheaper silk orchid arrangements, this masterpiece will last a lifetime. It will barely fade and bring many years of joy and happiness to anyone who owns it. This is the beauty of owning something like this because your investment continuously pays off with smiles and enjoyment.

The Demmerys Money Back guarantee is our assurance that you will not only love this large orchid arrangement but also cherish it. We know it would never leave our workshop if we were not happy with it. If we are not happy, how can you be?